Just Because They Say It, Doesn’t Make It TRUE

Hello Friend!

Our hyper connected world of social media has done some AMAZING things for humanity.

Being able to find people who are struggling in similar ways to us, finding people who have achieved the things we want to achieve, finding people that we can learn and study from, finding people to chat with and be friends with that we would NEVER have had the opportunity to know otherwise has created SO much positive outcome in this world.

But with that, we also have to acknowledge that our social media world has opened up a whole host of opportunities for people who are looking to gain power, wealth and influence to use these platforms of connection in nefarious ways.

With the rise of social media we've seen the rise of the 'influencer.' We've seen how people from all walks of life have learned to posture themselves as experts in healing, growth, success, love and spirituality using social media to foster an 'ideal image' of themselves, which they then use as a marketing tool for selling their 'tips and techniques'.

People are flocking to the internet these days, hoping to escape the 9-5 grind by showcasing their lives - or at least a part of their lives - as the proof that they have something special that YOU NEED to help yourself get out of pain and into pleasure - just like they did.

Oftentimes these people really know how to 'hack' into our insecurities, our 'pain points', our desire for change, our confusion and our desperate desire for someone to just GIVE US THE ANSWERS - and they know that so long as they can APPEAR to have what's desired (a perfect body, transcended spirituality, a perfect relationship, money, fame, power - you name it) that people will believe whatever they say in terms of what they did to get to that desired place.

They know that they can SELL whatever they want to sell - so long as they can convince people that it was the reason for their success.

This leads to a WHOLE lot of lying, cheating, misunderstanding and frankly - pain for those buying from these people - because a LOT of the time we're being sold hot air at best, ignorance and outright harmful messaging at worst.

And to top it all off, we're conditioned to blame ourselves when the influencer tools don't work for us - believing that we must have just 'done it wrong' rather than realizing that it was the tool that was wrong all along. Which means we then KEEP BUYING from people who are selling false promises.

It's a big mess.

Today I want to talk about the importance of vetting our social media experts, of taking everything we see online with a grain of salt, of getting honest with ourselves about our vulnerabilities when it comes to predatory marketing and big promises that are too good to be true and why just because someone can SAY that what they're doing is the reason for their success - doesn't make it TRUE.


Remember, you don't have to do this self love path all alone.

Figuring out how to support ourselves, how to be on our own side, how to figure out what our emotions are saying, how to problem solve so we can build lives that work for us - it can be confusing.

That's why I've built the Mystery School - a three year self study program designed to take the guess-work out of this path, so you can start to really connect to who YOU are, what YOU need, and how to create a life that supports that.

It's a program designed to help you begin thinking in 'systems' so you can be a part of the positive change we need to see on this planet.

It's all about finding compassion and working with curiosity so we can understand ourselves and life in general better, and so we can use that understanding to create BETTER models for LIFE!

I’d love to have you as part of the community - remember we also meet as a group once a month for an exclusive live chat where we address whatever's most pertinent for everyone at the time. The course itself is self-paced so you can work through it at whatever speed works for you - starting whenever you like!

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