Learning In Your Nervous System/Emotions Is MUCH Harder Than Learning In Your Intellect

Hello Friend!

Most of us in the culture we've been raised in, know how to learn intellectually. In fact, we've been brought up in a WORLD that highly values the intellect and logic above pretty much all other forms of knowing and intelligence.

We've been raised in a culture that has trained us to grow our intellects. That has fostered in us a sense of living from our heads, from reasoning, from what we THINK and can CONCEPTUALIZE with our minds.

We've been indoctrinated into a way of being that so heavily tilts towards being logic dominated, that most of us don't even know HOW to learn in any other way. We've been trained to believe that mental intelligence is the ONLY intelligence, and that all we could possibly want to need to 'know' can be known in the head.

Meaning, most of us have such little awareness of and connection to our bodies, our emotions, our visceral sensations - that these other aspects of intelligence are deeply underdeveloped.

We HAVE emotions. We HAVE feelings. We HAVE bodies - but when we have to interact with these parts of self, many of us struggle. Struggle to connect at all, or struggle to discern what these parts of self are saying to us. Many of us may even see these parts of self as bad, unruly, illogical and in need of control. We may see these parts of self as unruly and as the reason we can't just LIVE how we KNOW to live.

Then, when we DO try to get on a path of self love or any kind of spiritual path, we may find that we intellectually understand the concepts being explained, but for some reason we can't get ourselves to DO what's being said. We may find that as we connect with our emotions/bodies/feelings we are simply deeply CONFUSED. We may see that we have issues that need to be addressed, and feel like we should be able to just 'get the answer' in a book/revelation/teaching - and then BOOM we're fixed - and then are very disappointed when we're told that we have a PROCESS we're going to have to go through.

Bottom line - we feel like we should be able to mentally understand our problems, mentally understand how to fix them, and then step into that fix and be good.

In reality, for most of us, we're not struggling in life because we don't mentally understand something. We're not just missing a key insight we can read or hear about and then find ourselves in our desired lives. What's really missing is an emotional, visceral and physical process that will slowly take us on a journey towards a whole new way of being. The reality is, for most of us, the gap between where we are and where we want to be in our lives isn't a mental gap. It's a learned in the body gap.

We have to be able to develop our deeper layers of intelligence if we are wanting to go farther than where we currently are. And THAT'S what this self love path is all about.

Today let's dive into what learning on these deeper layers looks and feels like, so we can stop expecting only a mental journey.

The answers you seek aren't in the mind. They are deeper. Let's learn how to connect with these parts of self, so we can develop the intelligence required.