Learning To Moderate Energy – Why Slower Is Better For Going Far

Hello Love!
I'm often asked about 'tips and tricks' for this spiritual path, the path of self discovery, expansion, evolution, growth and consciousness 'awakening.'
I'm asked what I "did" that helped me to understand myself in a way that's allowed me to create a life that works really well for me. What I 'did' that allowed me to create my programs, videos and all of this content. What it took for me to 'know what I know.'
In our world today, we are sold a lot of quick fixes. We're told over and over again that those we look up to for whatever reason, those who seem to have big insights, amazing lives, who've accomplished great things or have seeming penetrating insight into the nature of reality are in the positions they're in because of some hack. Because of some secret teaching that revealed all to them. Because of a peak experience of divine moment of insight.
We're sold the idea of the special individual with the special life - and we want to know - what's their secret? What do they know that we don't? What do they have that we don't? What's the magical ingredient that 'woke them up' and allowed them to be so prolific/wise/healed/amazing?
Today, I want to address this.
I want to explain why, to me, learning to really master the FUNDAMENTALS of self awareness, self care, service, creation and rest - are the KEY'S to all the 'advanced' knowledge, experiences and capacities we wish to have in our lives.
I want to talk about why I don't know of any 'secret' that I haven't shared with all of you, and why I believe I've been able to get as 'far' as I have.
Let's dive in today and get really REAL about what actually leads to 'advanced' states of awareness/health/creation - and why most people will never experience those states.