Let’s Talk About Therapy


We are living in a time and space where we are seeing that a LOT of what we have been sold in the spirituality/self help world was kinda...bunk.

We are seeing that a lot of what we've been told that we needed to heal past lives, do a bunch of self help and self improvement and where we were told that we had impurities and lack of structure was REALLY just having been hurt and harmed in this life, and needing to go through a process of catharsis and processing to come out the other side.

In other words, we just needed therapy.

With that, there's been a trend that sees us swinging WAY the other way - getting into a space where a lot of people are claiming that the ONLY legitimate form of healing is therapy, and anything else offered by anyone who isn't a licensed therapist is a scam, is people operating without proper awareness and training and is likely damaging and harmful.

Which ends up being something that simply leaves a lot of people feeling like if therapy didn't work for them that this means there's no hope, that if they can't afford or access therapy that this means you are stuck in pain forever, like if they can't go through a university program for whatever reason that they can never be qualified to support people and it leads to a LOT of gatekeeping and stress that really doesn't need to exist.

Today, I want to see if we can take a big of a nuanced look at this whole situation - so that we can find a healthy, reality centered middle ground in terms of what's going on, what's actually helpful and how we can look for the right tool FOR US RIGHT NOW in terms of supporting ourselves in moving forward.

Therapy is an AWESOME modality, and there are tons of different kinds of therapy that can address many different needs.


Therapy is still something that exists within a structure that isn't perfect, and it's not the be-all-end-all in terms of what all humans need at any given time.

Therapy can sometimes be counterproductive. There are a multitude of other tools that people may need in terms of being supported where they're at that therapy can't provide. Therapy isn't available for everyone. Sometimes what we actually need is co-regulation with a friend or help building awareness. Sometimes therapy isn't going to be helpful until we've developed some other skills. Many therapists aren't client centered and many non-traditionally trained healers are incredibly knowledgeable and able to be of support. Sometimes we don't need more therapy, but rather we need to change our lives - or we need to become people who are helping to change the SYSTEMS that are causing us our pain in the first place.

There's so much complexity and nuance to this subject, and I hope that we can bring some clarity to it so that you can figure out what's best and most supportive for YOU.


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