Letting Yourself Go Dark – Why We Have To Embrace The Negative To Find The Positive

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We're told that in order to heal, we have to see the benefit in everything that happened to us.

We have to learn to see the growth opportunity that comes with every trauma we've experienced. We have to see how any illness or inability we were born with is a good thing. We have to forgive those who hurt us and see them as innocent humans who were just traumatized themselves. We have to see the bigger picture. See the positive. Embrace reality for how it is, and find the goodness in it.

We're told that to be TRULY happy and truly spiritual, we have to learn to see the GOOD in all things. We're told that in order to heal we can't 'hang onto' anger, sadness, resentment, shame, guilt, regret or any other negative emotion/story about what is - because this just holds us in our darkness and pain. What is is, what happened happened, and now our power is in choosing to see goodness.

We're told that if we let ourselves fully FEEL our anger/sadness/depression/anxiety/resentment/disappointment in what happened to us - that we will get STUCK there.

It sounds like a good theory. But in practice? What I've witnessed in myself and in others is that the more we try to force this higher perspective, the more we RESIST these negative emotions, trying to transcend and see the bigger picture - the LONGER we actually get stuck in cycles of 'feeling better' then falling 'back' into the negative spaces. The more we try to transcend and talk our way out of feeling how we do, the longer we get stuck feeling how we do.

Today I want to talk about why I think letting yourself GO DARK within the context of a self love journey, is actually the KEY to actual emotional processing. Why letting ourselves FULLY EMBRACE our anger/sadness/resentment/negative emotions without looking for the positive is actually the route to finding that positivity. I want to talk about why I think trying to find peace before we're ready keeps us stuck, the exact opposite of what the spiritual teachers teach.

Let's explore and see how we go.



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