Life Maintenance Vs. Life Generating – When Is More Actually BETTER?


I've talked a LOT on this platform about why more is not always better.

About what expansion at all costs is usually more harmful than good.

About why the constant quest for more that our capitalistic/individualistic society pushes us to prioritize and pedestalize is actually incredibly harmful.

We've talked about why finding our 'enough' in this world and then learning to NOT continue taking more for ourselves is a really important step to take if we want to have any chance of creating a sustainable way of life for the human race.

But in this, there can be some confusion created. There can be a sense that perhaps what I'm 'really' saying is that we should all try to live as MINIMALLY as possible. That to have ANY excess, ANY luxury, ANY pleasure beyond the 'basic necessities' is to be doing something wrong/bad.

This idea that expansion is wrong can be taken too far - entering into the zone of spiritual superstition instead of being something that's guiding us to find a true, positive balance in our lives.

Today I want to talk about the realities of abundance, luxuries, pleasures and having things in life that aren't there for some utilitarian purpose only. I want to talk about pleasure for pleasure's sake.

I want to talk about why getting ourselves into a situation where we're not in a constant state of 'life maintenance' but have actually built solid enough foundations for ourselves that we are ABLE to be expanding in MANY areas of our lives is 100% a positive thing for us and for the planet - and why finding a sustainable life isn't all about having the bare-minimum and nothing more.

Moving past being in a state where our whole world is focused on just keeping our heads above water where we're able to do that, is an incredibly valuable thing to do. It does create space for us to expand our view beyond our own lives so that we can be a part of creating a new, more sustainable situation for ALL of us here on the planet.

When we can stabilize ourselves we can start to distribute more of our time and energy towards others - and this is a very, very good thing.

So let's talk about getting into Life Generation mode and why that is so beneficial if we have the means to do so, and how we can avoid going into 'more for me' mentality and instead refocus on creating a more sustainable world with our abundance when we get there.


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