Monday Musings ~ Are YOU Really Causing Them Pain? Why Being A Light-Worker Means Disrupting Things: Part One

Hello Beautiful 🙂

Today I want to talk about something that I feel is very much neglected in the ‘light working’ or ‘healing/healers’ circles - mostly because I feel this topic is greatly misunderstood and filled with many roadblocks that few have fully traversed.

Today I want to explore this idea that as a light-worker, it is your job to bring light to places where the light has been cut off. That it is your job to bring love to places where love has been cut off - and the true consequences of doing such work and what it can mean for you in your life.

Now, at first glance this idea of bringing light and love may sound all warm and fuzzy. And there are certainly going to be times and places where it IS warm and fuzzy. There is no doubt about that. When you are able to be the first person who has ever sat with someone who is sharing a painful story and rather than recoiling you show compassion, when you are able to be with someone's fear and not reflect it back to them but rather allow for the creation of a space of unconditional acceptance, when you are able to facilitate someone in the discovery that what they have been believing about themselves that is causing so much suffering is not only not true, but an opposite reflection of the absolute beauty that is their truth - you will feel on top of the world. This kind of light work is absolutely rewarding and needed.

That being said, the real truth that I feel so many light-workers are overlooking, or are actively trying to fight AGAINST - in themselves and in the advice they give to other light-workers - is that in many cases the majority of the work a light worker will do in their lifetime is not the above described blissful place of spreading light and love where light and love is consciously wanted and openly accepted.

The reality is, you as a light-worker are spreading light all the time. No matter what. It is a part of your DNA. Which means that most of the time you are going to be spreading light into the dark and scary recesses of human consciousness where the light is being PURPOSEFULLY rejected and denied (we will get into why it is being purposefully rejected and denied as we go along). You are going to be, just by being yourself - even without ‘doing’ anything in particular - carrying light into places that most have been running from for most of if not all of their lives. This is because MOST people are in a state of light/love resistance right now. So if you are carrying light all the time, and interacting with a majority of people who are working to fight against letting light into places - you can see where this is going, yes?

 Where Does This Pain/Suffering Actually Come From?

The reality of being a light-worker is often times you are going to be bringing light where it is not consciously being asked for.

You are going to be shining a light on the emotional/mental/spiritual suffering that exists within people, that they have been running from. We are a global society of people in deep suffering - and we will go into where this suffering comes from as we go along. For now, just realized that most people are suffering, a suffering that has most likely been in their lives since childhood which has never been addressed.

You see what most people have done is figured out some sort of mechanism for numbing whatever emotional/mental/spiritual suffering they are in. They have not gotten rid of it. They have not healed it. They have not explored it. All they have done is developed methods for covering up the suffering when it starts to surface. The reason for this, is that we as a human culture still do not fully believe that this suffering that we are all in could be remedied, we don’t really understand the cause of it or source of it, and so our only option for coping with it is to run from it or numb it out.

Emotional, Mental And Spiritual Pain In Our Culture:

All of our emotional, mental and emotional suffering comes from experiencing what we could consider painful experiences in life, that we then label as wrong. We are a human race who has decided that any and all pain is WRONG and that is should not happen. In this, we reject and deny pretty well all situations and circumstances that cause us to feel pain.

We reject and deny reality, and in THIS we start to suffer. The pain of the situation is temporary, but we turn it into suffering through misunderstanding and rejection.

The pain, in truth, is a part of growth. The pain is a part of life. The suffering is something we choose, through the rejection of the experience of pain. Pain is not our problem, our perception of and reaction to pain is what is driving us to choose to suffer.

When we resist an opportunity for growth, we will suffer.

When we reject the aspect of self that experienced something painful, that part of ourselves that was ripe for expansion will start to ferment and fester.

It doesn’t go away. It doesn’t ‘heal’ itself. It is no evil or bad or wrong or in need of extraction or removal. It is simply a part of yourself that wanted to grow through the painful experience, that got cut off from its opportunity to grow and is now stunted and suffering.

What we think is hurting us is really just the excuse we used within a reality we rejected to block love from ourselves.

 Rejection Of Reality Is The Root Of Suffering:

By saying that any situation we have experienced was wrong, we are rejecting reality. In this rejection of reality we must then also believe that how we are reacting to it, how we feel because of it, and everything else that we are in relation to this situation is also wrong and must be rejected.

By rejecting reality we also reject ourselves - the experiencer of this reality - all at once.

We do not realize that to label a circumstance as wrong we are at the very same time rejecting the aspect of ourselves that experienced that circumstance - and in this we are cutting this aspect of ourselves that experienced this reality off from love and light.

When an aspect of self is cut off from the light, is cut off from love, is labeled as wrong, THAT is where suffering, infection and wounds happen.

This is where that fermentation happens.

The experience was the growth trigger, and the rejection of the experience, and thus the part of the self that was to grow from the experience, is cut off from its life source. 

It is deprived of energy and nourishment, cannot grow, and thus rots instead of expanding.

Think of a rejected aspect of self like this - when a part of the body is cut off from its blood supply it will suffer. It will become weak, it will start to hurt, then it will go numb. From there cells start to die off because they are not getting the nutrition they need. Then this part of the body starts to cause troubles for the rest of the body. Which leads to the above cascade of more and more pain, more and more self sabotage and self hate, more and more self rejection, other symptoms being caused, deeper wounds and so on and so forth.

This does not take place because the body part itself is wrong or bad. It happens because the body part is forced to try to survive without its source of life. Whenever anything is cut off from its power source is starts to degrade and express in a painful way.

You see, it is never the circumstance that has hurt us. It is our believing that due to the circumstance we must now reject an aspect of ourselves, that causes us all our suffering. This is how it always has been and always will be. Pain that leads to suffering is simply the expression of an area of your being that has been labeled as wrong, rejected, cast out of the light and is now suffering due to lack of the light it needs to grow, evolve and express.

This is why ‘soul rescuing’ work can be so helpful and powerful. When you are finally willing to acknowledge the parts of you that experienced situations you labelled as wrong, are able to see that experience for the growth opportunity it was and are then able to re-accept the aspect of you that experienced the traumatizing event - what you are really doing is re-integrating an aspect of yourself back into the light. You are bringing circulation back to this area. You are bringing the life force energy back and allowing for health, restoration and expansion to take place.

This is completion - when you can see a painful experience for the SPECIFIC gift it had for you, you can integrate that learning and growing, you can take the step of expansion it was leading you to take, you re-integrate the wounded aspect as now a part of you that has grown, and you express from that new expanded place. Completion is NOT pretending what happened didn’t happen, or acting like you see the benefit in it when you really don’t. Until you can specifically say you totally see the benefit in the experience, it is not yet complete within you.

When you make room for every experience in your life, you are stepping into a state of love. You are allowing the experience to bring MORE information to you, you are allowing the experience to inform you, and you are allowing that information to stimulate growth and evolution within you. This is what love is. More order, structure, complexity - through the acquisition and integration of more information.

This completion with and understanding of all experiences - and the subsequent expansion due to that experience - is ultimately the one and only experience that feels good as a human. To allow for love to enter, to allow for love to dwell within us, and to allow that love to power our growth, expansion and expression. Simply to allow for the natural circulation of love to all aspects of self and reality.

Now you see what happens when we allow for pain. But what happens, truly, when we resist pain and label it as wrong?

What We Do When We Deny The Painful Experience:

When we tell ourselves that our painful experiences were wrong, we cut the part of yourself that was ripe for growth off from love - life force energy - information - the nourishment it needed to evolve - however you want to say it. IN this it festers, becomes more and more painful and eventually turns to suffering. As we deny and reject this aspect more and more, the suffering increases.

The pain does not reduce over time. The suffering simply increases.

Think of this emotional, mental and spiritual pain that most are in like a kind of physical wound or cut. What most people are doing with their emotional/mental/spiritual pain is akin to someone getting a really bad cut on their arm and rather than cleaning it out, disinfecting it, stitching it up and then carefully caring for the recovery of that flesh - they have rolled their sleeves down, put their arm behind their back, taken a pain killer and are now trying to pretend the wound doesn’t exist.

And just like with a physical wound, these emotional/mental/emotional distress don’t just get better with time so long as you ignore them and cover them up. What really happens when we try to cover up a cut is it gets infected. It festers. It gets more and more painful, and the methods required to continue numbing the pain become necessarily more and more extreme. The fear of looking at the wound also increases over time - because we instinctively know the problem is getting worse and worse. From here we can start to see the cut on the arm start to spread, affecting more and more of the body. The blood can become infected. Surrounding flesh can start to get eaten away. Organs get taxed. The immune system weakens. When left untreated a cut on the arm can turn into a cause for death - and truly for as long as the wound is ignored, the pain will only increase - causing the person to to need stronger and stronger numbing as well as causing the person to become more and more resistant to peeling the sleeve back and doing the healing work that is required.

They will dig deeper into denial about what is really going on, hoping against hope that if they just ignore it long enough it will go away. When the body starts to develop those signs and symptoms of the infection of the arm spreading and taxing other organs they may attempt to treat these issues - never finding success in healing and continually wondering why they keep getting sicker and feeling worse no matter what they do. This cycle will continue on and on.

I know this is graphic to think about, and I know it may sound a little extreme - but it is the PERFECT depiction of what happens when we block the light from entering the wounded aspects of our minds/spirits/souls/emotions/hearts.

This is exactly how an untreated wound on any other level of the being plays out.

This is why we live in a culture that is addicted to stimulation, to distraction, to self sabotaging behaviors and substances. They are all being used as the numbing agent against the internal wounds that were never addressed and loved. This is why your love and light is often making its way to places where it is, at a conscious level anyway, rejected.

In our society, when we are internally wounded we cover it up. In this cover up, we cause our own suffering

We try to pretend the wound doesn’t exist. We are trained from the very get go to ignore all emotions, all feelings, all thoughts that cause us ‘pain’ - and this is the fundamental misunderstanding of our culture that gets us into these cycles of pain in the first place.

Rather than allowing all the experiences in our lives to be opportunities for growth - which would naturally be the case if we acknowledged what is/did occurring/occur, allowed ourselves to feel what we are feeling, allowed for the natural process of internal investigation, external exploration and allowing the consciousness to be expanded - we see some experiences as ‘wrong,’ ‘bad’ ‘unwanted.’ We label these experiences as being a cause of pain which should NOT be happening, which causes us to go about trying to pretend they didn't happen or desperately fighting to try to prevent it from happening again.

Both cases are suppression and both lead to this festering wound situation - the circumstance of life is labelled wrong, reality is rejected and from there love and light is cut off from the aspect of self that experienced that situation - because we are one with reality. There is no embracing the one and rejecting the other. When we deny reality by labelling it as wrong, we deny the part of ourselves that experienced that situation love and light. We cut love/light/life force off from ANYTHING we label as being wrong, bad and as not being welcome in existence. This cutting off of light and love from the aspect of self that experienced a rejected reality is the true source of all pain.

Not the aspect itself.

Not the situation.

Not reality.

 So some basic definitions before we move on:

A Wound: is simply an area where we have rejected reality, and thus rejected ourselves - and thus have cut the light of love off form ourselves. In this the aspect of self does not go away, instead it suffers due to lack of power which causes it to fester and ferment rather than grow and expand.

Pain: An experience we are going to have, just like any other experience, that is designed to give us more information that can spur the growth and evolution of an aspect of self. Pain is a messenger and it is information.

Suffering: The pain we feel when we reject and deny reality, and thus reject and deny the aspect of ourselves that experienced that reality and wanted to grow from it. Suffering is the sign that a part of us is now fermenting, rather than expanding. We are missing a piece of ourselves and this piece is now in a degradation cycle rather than an evolutionary one.

Love: Joy, expansion, freedom, lightness and all other positive feelings are sourced from allowing expansion, growth, expression and authentic connection to come from our experiences.

Alright - that is all the theory you need! Next week we will dive deeper into how all of this plays out for you as a light-worker, why people feel like YOU cause them pain, and why it is actually your JOB to help people connect with their suffering, so they can integrate and move forward.

Until next week!