Monday Musings ~ The Reason True Service To Self, Is Your Highest Service To All – Part One

Alright my Dearest Friend, let’s get rid of the idea that to focus on truly knowing yourself is selfish – once and for all.

With the next few posts my goal is to show you WHY taking the time required to connect in with yourself, process your experiences, discover more and more about your truth and lean to express that truth more each day, is the most impactful thing you can do for the rest of the world.

It is my hope that with this new understanding you will stand up and KNOW that your taking good care of you, that your expressing who you are, that your committing to integrating and feeling and knowing what you have been through and what you are, is all at once your greatest service to self, as well as your greatest service to all.

The Two Truths Of ‘You’ – That Are Really One

There are two fundamental truths about you that you must understand.

The first is that you are a unique individual. You are a specific fractal of God. You are an individual strand of light source energy that represents a portion of all that is.

You are the only one who has ever and will ever represent God in the way that you do.

The second truth about you is that you are Ultimately one with all that is. You are the whole kit and caboodle. You are everything that ever has been, that ever will be and that is. You are God in and of itself, in its infinite infinity.

You are a specific portion of the whole, as well as the whole.

At the same time.

Fun, right?

The next thing you must understand is that this relative and ultimate truth about you – when fully understood - do not contradict one another.

In fact, it is the unification of these two truths that give you the complete picture of your life, the purpose of life on earth (which we will touch on later) and make the concept of self-service being ultimate collective service make sense.

But let’s back up, just for a moment.

Religion, Mysticism And Spiritual Teachings:

In many spiritual traditions, the goal is to guide you back to the idea that you are one with everything. There is a strong pull to teaching that you are not simply the ‘you’ that you appear to be. That there is so much more to you than what makes up ‘you.’

Forever and ever it has been thought that when one reaches a state of ‘enlightenment’ that they have reached a state of ‘God union’ - or an awareness of being a part of the unified whole. This came from the fact that we are all so overly identified as being individuals, that this 'loss of self' felt so extreme, we figured it MUST be enlightenment. It MUST be truth.

Now it is totally true that we had/have lost this connection to the truth of our unity so deeply and with this have created a lot of pain and suffering.

In this line of teaching, there is meant to be a loss of identification with the ‘relative’ I, the ‘you’ that you always took yourself to be, in exchange for identifying with being something much, much greater.

This led to ideas about how the ‘ego’ or the relative self is actually an impediment to this more ultimate understanding, and thus MUST be something that is hindering our ability to be happy, whole and free. Since it was the loss of ego identification that created such a huge shift for people, it must be the ego itself that is the whole problem. It was understood that if this unification with God makes us feel so much better, then it must logically follow that to be identified with the Ego self AT ALL must be wrong, bad and the cause of pain. That to see yourself as ‘you’ is to see yourself as ‘separate’ and that in this separation consciousness all of our human foibles happen.

It was reasoned that so long as we identify as individuals, we will constantly be ‘out for ourselves’ missing the deeper truths of life and our connection to everything, and this is what is plunging us head long into war, ecosystem destruction, family feuds and so on.

We have been trained to believe that it is because we so strongly identify as being ‘singular’ that we have lost touch with how connected we truly are to all that is, and so to remedy this, we must go completely the other way – we must lose our sense of self all together, we must eradicate the Ego - so that we can return to this more cosmic unified consciousness in order to restore/create balance and harmony on earth.

Which of course, is a logical sequence of assumptions when you look at it.

If Ego = separation = war = destruction, then death of ego = awareness of unification = being a nicer person = saving the planet and all the people.

So with this, we have many, many traditions that are all about ‘waking up’ to the absolute (or to the ‘nothing’ if you are of any of the Zen persuasions) so that you can live with the awareness of your connection to all that is, and in so doing create harmony.

The Problem With Killing The Ego:

This is all well and good in theory.

In practice however, it is not working out the way some assumed that it would.

You see, no matter how much one transcends the ‘idea’ that they are a unique, separate individual, they are ALWAYS going to BE an individual.

They are always going to be in a body, which must be fed, watered, slept and cared for.

They are always going to have a personality that is unique to them.

They are always going to have a specific set of life circumstances that has shaped the way they view the world.

There is truly no escaping the relative truth in this lifetime – not completely anyway. If you were to FULLY own the idea of unification, if you were to fully renounce all ideas of separation, you would literally starve to death. You would not know to feel your body over the body of someone else. You would be lost in this existence, due to the way this existence is set up.

So for millennia, people have been trying to get rid of their egos, only to discover that this is simply impossible. We have seen countless gurus express a death of ego – who still have personalities, dietary preferences, bodies that are recognizable, who still grow, learn, change, evolve and become different with time. This would all indicate that the ‘ego’ is still alive and well – this person has not become an amalgams soup of all aspects of all beings. They are still expressing as a one.

Those who appear to have ‘transcended the self’ in the way that we currently conceptualize it – those who no longer need food or water or rest who seem to exist in a continual state of God Realization – essentially are those who sit in a cave all day with their eyes closed emitting frequency. This is not wrong or bad, however it does not appear that this is the ultimate ‘truth’ of expression for the majority of us.

We must also remember that these individuals are having a ‘God Realization’ experience through the filter of their unique, individual selves. They still require the body/mind complex to have the experience at all.

So what gives? If the Ego is the thing that is destroying everything, but it appears that to truly get rid of the ego while still being in a body is impossible, how do we heal and how do we live in alignment with truth?

Next week we will look at the one thing this whole Unity Consciousness movement missed, how when we understand TRUE unity the whole point of LIFE comes into view, and how all of this leads us back to being MORE ourselves, not LESS ourselves.

For now, just sit with this, and see if you can figure out where we are headed before we get there together 😉

Have an awesome week.