Monday Musings ~ The Reason True Service To Self, Is Your Highest Service To All: Part Three

Hello again Lovely!

Now that you see where we got the idea that we needed to eradicate the self, and now that you understand that in truth, you KNOWING yourself and BEING yourself is exactly what is required to expand consciousness and God, you are ready for the practical implications of this information.

Because as you know, theory without application is not really worth all that much!

You are now ready to take some of the deeper and more ‘challenging’ self love principals and make them a reality in your everyday life. You are ready to face the resistance that you may have to truly owning and being yourself - due to the inevitable backlash that WILL occur in your life when you do - because you have the foundational understandings that will power you to challenge your old ways of being and thinking.

Remember, this work of really owning yourself and living your truth is going to be contrary to much of what you have been taught to believe about yourself and the world to this point.

There are going to be aspects of yourself that fear standing in your truth. That have LOTS of excuses for why you shouldn’t. That object over and over to this information.

Be ready for this. Know these objections are going to come up. Know it is going to be challenging and uncomfortable. Know that this is about shifting your perception and perspective - that your old ways of viewing yourself and the world are going to be challenged - and that takes patience, self inquiry and persistence.

I highly recommend that you use The Emotional Mastery Series tools to help you through this process. And then forever 😉 Learning to deeply connect with yourself, and then making this deep connection with yourself over and over is a HUGE component of living authentically as yourself. It is a major component in being able to fully KNOW who and what you are, and it will give you the boost you need to actually live it out.

This process of self discovery really has no end date.

That is what is so beautiful about it.

This is also why using these tools of going in, getting curious, making room, expressing and so on will be tools you use for the rest of your existence here. There is no ‘destination’ with this so to speak - you will always be learning, growing and expanding. So a part of this is learning how to enjoy that journey and let go of the idea that there is somewhere to ‘get’ to. With that, this whole thing will become SO MUCH more fun.

You are whole and complete, and you are growing, learning and expanding. You are already there, and will never arrive. All truths contain paradox - and this is a fundamental one. Give yourself permission to always be learning, growing and changing, and watch your resistance to this process melt.

Living authentically does NOT mean you have yourself all figured out and are at the end of your journey. Living authentically is really just you making SPACE for the journey. For the ups, downs, round and rounds. For what is pertinent in the moment, and for letting go of what no longer is true for you. Authentic living is embracing the journey, allowing what is right now, and then moving on when your right now is new.

We could almost look at it like ‘getting there’ is really where you arrive at a place where you are able to see the whole thing as a journey, and each step being important and valuable. Then allowing for all the change to happen. You find the inner peace with the journey, the constant change, knowing that the stillness comes from within and will be mirrored by all the movement.

The most peaceful place you will ever be, is in the place where you are ok with what is occurring - even if that is simply being ok with not being ok with what is occurring 🙂

Why You Are Not Already Living Authentically:

Remember, the only reason you are not already living as your most authentic self, is because you have woundings that tell you you can’t. None of these wounds are your fault, and all of them were meant to happen. We were meant to forget who we are, we were meant to live out of alignment, we were meant to get ‘lost’ so to speak - because in the life long journey BACK to Self, is where all the gold is. This journey reminds us that without the contrast, we cannot be fully aware of the alignment. So we want to be grateful for the contrast, grateful for the wounds, grateful for the experiences - as all of them have been designed to awaken you to a truth that is deep and rich.

As you read through this article and the next, watch yourself object to what I am saying. Watch yourself come up with reasons why you can’t. Watch yourself justify old behaviors. Watch yourself stay in old mindsets.

 Then, make room.

Make room for the objections, and get curious about them. Why are they there? What is their positive intention? What are they trying to protect you from?

Make room for a totally new perception that you are not even aware of right now.

Make room for your black and white thinking, you're ‘it has to be this way or that way and both of those ways suck’ thinking to come up, and see if there is not a third way of looking at things that will ultimately be more freeing.

For instance, if your perception of your relationships are that no matter what you do, there is pain, then what needs to shift is your perception. There is a third way of seeing things that is more in alignment with truth, that you have yet to consider. Allow yourself to be open to the words below, and really dig into your preconceived ideas of how things are, and how they must be.

If it hurts, there is room for growth.

If your either/or ideas hurt, there is a third way. Remember that.

Make room for all of it, and simply allow for curiosity rather than trying to get rid of anything. There is great relief in the curiosity rather than the shutting down.

The Practical Implications Of Living A Life The Serves Your Truth:

Here are the most important points to consider when it comes to applying true self awareness and self service that is really service to the whole, to your life. They are all real-world practicable action steps that will take PRACTICE. They will feel odd and awkward and wrong at first. You will slip back into old behavior easily and often. This work will be work, and you will need to dedicate yourself to it - again because you have been essentially trained to live out of alignment with yourself for your whole life! Do not expect yourself to jump from where you are today, to living fully at peace with who you are tomorrow. This is a journey, and every step counts. Every step is a step in the right direction. Ever ‘back slide’ is really new information that you needed. There is no wrong. It takes commitment, but more than that, it takes curiosity and the willingness to explore and be open to learning new things.

You Were Never Wrong, And You Will Never Be Wrong: This is just a journey, and none of it means you have been separated from God.

Now you get to practice living from a place where you KNOW that you are one with God, and that nothing has gone wrong 🙂

You Are Not Going To Get Rid Of Any Aspect Of Yourself: This is the first and most important aspect to understand. As stated in the other two articles, there has been a LONG line of spiritual teachings that tell you you must get rid of your ego, you must get rid of your mind, you must get rid of your lower self - none of this is going to happen nor is it possible. Remember, this is a unified universe, and so there is no where for anything to ‘go.’ What is going to happen is you are going to INTEGRATE those wounded aspects of yourself that believe that love has gone away, and are thus acting as though love has gone away. Your Ego is what you are here to live out and experience - and when seen in the light of love, IS the unique fractal of God that you represent. Your mind is a tool for your perception of this reality. There is nothing wrong with or inherently negative about any aspect of your being.

All that happens in this life, is we get wounded, and we then reject aspects of ourselves. When we cut parts of ourselves off from love, those aspects begin to express in the shadow form. This is what we usually call ‘evil’ or our fallen nature. We perceive that it is these aspects that are causing us pain, and thus we must ‘get rid of them’ if we ever hope to be happy.

This is akin to realizing that your liver is not functioning properly, and making you feel nauseous every time you eat - and rather than doing what you can to support the liver back into health, realizing that your liver is an integral part of your body ecosystem that when functioning how it was always designed to function makes your life better - you decide to cut it out. It was not the liver that was causing you pain, but the fact that the liver was being denied the nutrition/support/environment it needed to function optimally that was causing you pain.

And so it is with EVERY aspect of yourself that you feel you must get rid of or fix to be happy. These aspects include:

  • Addictions.
  • Triggers.
  • Self sabotaging behaviours.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Negative emotions.
  • Fear.
  • Anger.
  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Physical illnesses.
  • Critical/judgemental nature.
  • Self doubt.
  • Any and all physical characteristics.
  • Personality traits you don’t like

None of these things are going to go away. They are going to be welcomed into the light of love by you, bit by bit, using the tools in the Emotional Mastery Series, and as you do this, these aspects will transmute themselves back into the life supportive expressions they were always meant to live as.

You will integrate, and watch yourself transform into the being you always knew yourself to be, as well as learning that many of the things you thought were ‘wrong’ with you, actually are exactly right with you. You will realize that your past experiences were not there to hurt or harm you, nor were they there to provide evidence for how terrible, wrong, bad, out of alignment you were/are - but were simply steps on a beautiful journey of self discovery.

In short, you will work towards understanding that nothing has gone wrong, and that nothing in life needs to be resisted or rejected.

Everything that hurts is there to be loved, understood and integrated. You will learn to show up for yourself in this way, and in so doing will become a much more peaceful, aware and emotionally responsible individual, who is able to see love in places you never thought you could.

Next week we'll wrap this all up. For now, look into some of the Emotional Mastery Work, and see where you are ready to start integrating the rejected aspects of yourself, so that you can start to step into your fullness.

This takes time and commitment, but the journey is SO worth the effort.