Monday Musings ~ To All The Mystics

To all those who;

Long to close your eyes and feel the heartbeat of God.

Know that this heartbeat is near to you always - and all you are really seeking is the remembrance of the access point that lies within you.

Have felt this oneness with the Divine, who know the ‘thump, thump, thump’ drumbeat of the inner temple.

Feel a deep connection with your fellow man, while at the same time feeling absolutely at a loss for how to truly materialize this connection in the 3D world. You feel into others souls - but there always seems to be a wall between you and others that you can’t quite explain. You have found a few that this wall does not exist with - and these people blip in and out of your life - never being able to keep them for long.

Have profound experiential inner world awakenings - communion with the Divine - and feel a deep pull to share what you have obtained in your inner sanctuary with the world.

Upon trying to translate your inner experiences to others, find that words should work, but never do. That there is always something left out, something missing from the explanation, something lacking - but ever more you try to convey anyway.

Feel a deep duty to the rest of humanity to draw a map for how you came to experience what you have.

Have never felt the safety meant to be provided by 'black and white' consciousness. You find your home within the paradox.

Have had a physical experience that can only be described as ‘odd.’

Often painful - you have had mysterious symptoms for which no physician has ever had an explanation.

Feel at once as though you are deeply ‘in’ your body and totally separate from it. You feel you are evolving your body - like it is a child along for an adventure. Like it is the earth, holding you, hurting and in turmoil which your consciousness is coaching along the integration process.

Feel your illnesses and physical peculiarities have meaning beyond the physical landscape.

Know the body is a guide, just as it is in need of guidance.

Know music and lyrical writings are a much better method of connection and communication than regular speech.

Feel music. Know it is a love letter from the Divine. Know that it carries much more than meets the eye.

Live for symbolism and metaphor. Who know that these methods of sharing come closer to what is true.

Can taste the Divine in all things - all time, all space, all circumstances. You become confused upon meeting with the idea that there could be things that God is not in.

See ‘the veil’ and experience it as something you pass through several times a day. This side, that side, this side, that side. Sometimes in between.

Feel how fragile the networks for ‘time and space’ truly are - how deep the perception that holds them must be to have them. You forget often to hold them.

Are in search of an answer at all times. Why matters to you more than you can explain.

Feels the pain of the world like a mother feels the pain of her children. Growing pains - you know it in your heart, but you want to save them all the same.

Plays the game of suffering too, with an awareness above and beyond it - to be in it is to be human, to know why is angelic, to be transmuted by it is the Divinity. You are all of the above.

Feel a sense of being the bridge - between worlds, realms, dimensions - who want to be an enabler of the linking of the human heart to that of God.

Know you can be this connection. You can’t explain it though.

To those who are the mystics.

To those who are the mystics, know that what you are is sacred and special. There is no mistake.

Allow yourself the space to be alone with God.

Allow yourself to rely less on common word and more on music and rhyme.

Allow yourself to feel as deeply as you do. You will not be washed away, but made anew each time.

Allow yourself to know that you know. To feel that you feel. To hear that you hear. To experience that you experience.

Know that it is Ok that you can’t give it a good translation. In your trying, you do what you came to do.

Be in both worlds. You don’t have to pick one. Draw them together. This is your path. This is your gift - to yourself and to us.