Monday Musings ~ Wanna Wake Up? Step Into Your Ego

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It is no the Ego that is causing you pain, blocking you from unity or stopping you from understanding/knowing things.

It is the SUPPRESSION and MISUNDERSTANDING of the Ego, the inner child and Divinity that is causing us all our confusion and issues.

There is a massive belief that it is the Ego that must be irradiated in order for us to find unity and love. This trying to get rid of the evil self has been something humanity has been attempting for all of human history.

It's not working to get us where we want to go.

Let’s look at some evidence.

There Is No Life Without Ego: First off, in order to have a physical existence, you have to have an ‘ego’ or sense of identity. You have a specific physical body, a specific family, a specific history, a specific set of skills and talents, a specific set of interest. Also - in order to merely survive in a physical body, you have to have a concept of you being separate from everything else. Otherwise you could not feed or clothe or bathe yourself. Without the Ego 'it' would be a big soup to you with no boundaries. You can NEVER lose your ego entirely and survive in a human form. This is our first clue that ‘getting rid of the ego’ is not a possibility.

The "Get Rid Of Ego"Teaching Is A Zero Sum Game: We have been told by ‘spiritual’ (and I use that term very, very lightly here) teacher for centuries that it is the EGO that is causing us all our suffering. Our desires. Our individuality. Our awareness of being a unique, different being within the realm of reality. We have been told that truth is unity - there is no separation in reality, therefore as long as you hold onto your idea of being separate, you are not ‘awake’ and you are causing destruction. The goal is to ‘wake up’ to the idea that you don’t exist, that you are just one with everything.

This either means that this is one big cosmic joke - that life is a losing game of ever truly knowing unity or being happy because we can’t ever truly lose the Ego - OR our perception of the Ego is false.

Now. Let’s look at where this idea of getting rid of the ego may have come from.

Human History Holds The Key:

When we were primitive beings who were just starting our development - there were a LOT of things about nature we didn’t understand. Without this understanding of how nature works, we were constant victims to it, as far as survival is concerned. Without the capacity to understand patterns and develop concepts for how things work and how we can work with them to better our chances of living - we were victim. As we were starting to develop some understanding we started to notice that when we worked together as a tribe, as a group, chances of survival increased. The person who was good at hunting could hunt for the tribe, while those who were good at making shelter could to that, some bore children - we were starting to see that to be an individual within a group as actually quite good for survival.

However - in this primitive state of being, there was still no real awareness of the truth of unity. We were not yet advanced enough to notice that when I kill that guy because I want his wife that it does’t actually work out for me, because he was the one that fished for us and now we don’t have fish.

There was - because of FEAR, which is simply a lack of understanding that caused us to suffer. The fear that there was LACK of resources and that to survive we must secure more of those resources for ourselves was the root of our suffering and is the root of our suffering to this day - not EGO. A desire to secure a better chance of survival for ourselves through the false idea that if we got rid of/competed with and won against others (and thus could have more resources for ourselves) or ruled over others was the outcome of this fear based idea of lack. So we moved into a state of ‘rulers’ people at the top of a ladder who got to hoard resources for themselves, and those below them that did the hard work.

This then led to the idea that the biggest risk to those who were ’in power’ would be people in their tribe also thinking themselves to be special and worthy of also having abundance. It was way better for the tribe leader to lead a tribe of people who saw themselves as less than, cogs in the wheel, less intelligent, less capable, scared to step out and be unique than it was to have a group of empowered beings. So this idea that being a part of the group = survival (as in the tribe leader won’t kill you out of being threatened by you) came into place.

So we see - lack of understanding was the root of our suffering. Not understanding nature led to not understanding abundance led to not understanding how cooperation and each individual doing what they do best was the best way to survive. This led to fear of ego through leadership and wanting believing that survival was a competition not a cooperative thing. 

From there, we continued on with this idea that being a part of the tribe was to survive, and to be a good part of the tribe was to be ONE WITH the tribe. Not special. Not unique. Not deserving of more. Just one with everyone else. This was where reality and our perception of reality went wonky. You see, at the time each WERE still operating as individuals. Each was still playing their role in the tribe. Only now there was a PERCEPTION that you were just ‘part of the tribe’ - and being different in any real way made you a threat to the status quo and thus got you killed. We learned as a humanity to just put our heads down and do what we were told - not to express any true individuality - as this was best for the survival of the tribe.

The Past To The Future:

Fast forward to recent history. We have technologically developed ourselves out of the food chain. We really no longer need to live in a state of fear of other, fear of nature, fear of anything really because we have a dramatically increased capacity to understand it relative to our ancient ancestors and really every generation before our current time in history.

What happened was - when we, especially in the Western Developed World, got to place where we no longer needed to be factory workers in order to secure resources for the nation because we built machines to do things for us we reached a tipping point. This point was the growth point from believing that happiness/satisfaction was going to come from the acquisition of enough resources that you no longer feel threatened in your ability to survive to understanding that SELF EXPRESSION was actually what was going to bring fulfillment.

We didn’t want to survive for survivals sake - if that was true everyone in the Western World would be totally in bliss - feeling amazing because we have SO MUCH.

But we are not. At all. In fact we are one of the MOST depressed societies on the planet.

So what’s going on here?

There Is A Need To Evolve Our Definition Of Happiness:

We have been duped into the idea that it is our individuality that causes us all our pain. We have been trained to be ‘one with the crowed’ for our entire lives, as this old mindset that the masses must see themselves as just that - the masses - in order that those in power can stay there has never been evolved past.

If the Ego - the thing that makes you special and unique - were truly what was hurting us - we would ALL be enlightened. Because we have been living in an ego suppressing world for almost all of human history. Religion, government, education, medicine, media - all teach us to deny and repress our thoughts, feelings and emotions, get rid of anything that is naturally you and just FIT IN. Don’t be different. Don’t be unique. Don’t don’t don’t.

The truth is - the parts of us that are self sabotaging and sabotage others are NOT the EGO. These are the IMMATURE child parts of ourselves. The parts of us that still don’t understand how things work, who feel victim to life, who feel they don’t have power. THAT is what makes us act crazy. Not Ego. Not knowing we are separate from others. The misunderstanding that we are not safe is what makes us nuts.

What we must understand is that those who have broken through this conditioning, who have stepped into their Egos are not tyrants and 'ego maniacs.' Rather they are innovating and creating massive positive impact in the world. They are those who have MATURED their inner child and have DISCOVERED their EGO (who they are) and are now EXPRESSING that EGO. Because the truth is - the EGO is simply the FRACTAL OF THE DIVINE that you came here to represent.

When you actually start to awaken out of the fear based system, you realize that the more you know and accept yourself - your ego - what makes you different - the MORE you understand unity.

The less you work from from “I don’t want that or I do want that’ pleasure seeking to ‘this is what lights me up, what I want to create as an expression of the Divinity that I am - as the creator I am’

You start to realize that this whole idea that we must get rid f the ego’ is just coming from old survivalist thinking that has no place in reality. The truth is, we need EVERYONE to step INTO their EGO.

We are crazy because we are totally separated out from our emotions, our thoughts, our bodies, our feelings - because we have been TRAINED to reject all aspects of ourselves.

Again if Ego suppression were going to solve the worlds problems we would be in an amazing place - as most people have no fucking clue who or what they are.

Some Examples Of Ego:

Let’s make this practical for a second:

DaVinci’s art, inventions and discoveries of reality? - EGO. Him following what he cared about and was interested in, what he wanted to express.

Bill Gates inventing the internet? EGO.What he was interested in and what drove him to invent.

Elon Musk and all he is doing? EGO. He does it because it inspires him.

Notice - these innovators being TOTALLY UNIQUE - DIFFERENT - EGO - made them the gifts to humanity that they are.

Hitler doing all he did? FEAR. Immature child. Not understanding unity. Cutting his nose off to spite his face.

Leaders of Oil Industry? FEAR. Immature children who don’t understand the connection between what we do to the earth and to ourselves.

These people NOT seeing themselves, not knowing themselves, believing that acquisition of power and resources would make them happy, made them nuts. They wanted people to stay disconnected from themselves, so that they wouldn't and won't evolve the system they were seemingly succeeding in. You see now?

Spiritual people who are teaching that enlightenment is transcendence of ego are just confused. Still believing that their identity is what causes them pain, because it gets them rejected by society.

You Embracing Your Ego:

YES - right now you being you is most likely going to get you rejected because we have a low state of consciousness. This is a gift though - because it will connect you to an aspect of reality that you need to see - that love is INFINITE and does not come from the OUTSIDE.

You have to grow up and out of the childlike (fear based) misunderstanding that love/survival comes from being accepted by the tribe, to understanding that TRUE love comes from knowing and expressing yourself.

No one else has to love you. You have to see this for yourself. You have to go through your traumas and allow them to MATURE YOU. Be with your emotions. Be with your thoughts. Be with your feelings - stop acting out of your wounding and start acting out of the EGO that you are - the fractal of the DIVINE that you represent rather than the false idea of the powerless victim you may think you are right now.

We are going to see that as those who are stepping fully into their EGOS create more and more innovation that gets rid of the need for lower level work - that the old system will naturally collapse. People will transcend the need to work ‘toiling the earth’ jobs and those who have something more than what machines can offer to the world to offer will find success.

5D is where we all have accepted who we are, and are expressing that - not being a cog in the wheel.

5D is where we get that unity is a truth, and in order to know it we MUST be separate. That being fully in your ego is the BEST thing you can do for overall consciousness, as you fully representing the fractal of the all that you are adds to the awareness of the all that is.

There is nothing spiritual about rejecting any aspect of yourself.

That is touting unity and not understanding it at all.

If you believe in unity then there is no where for your Ego to GO. No where for emotions to go. No where for thoughts to go. They will simply either be witnessed and understood and therefore brought into the perfection of the Divine, or denied and continue to act as ‘shadow’ that creates chaos.

You being the unique fractal that you are, doing what excites you is your greatest gift to humanity.

Please step into your Ego.


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