Monday Musings ~ Why False Prophets Are Light Workers.

Hello Beautiful.

The other day, I was having a discourse with one of my new friends in the Freaking Love Yourself Group about false/untrustworthy teachings and teachers. This idea that there are some out there who do not have people's best interests at heart, and that some teachers and guides out there bring 'some' truth and then use that to bate people into their exploitive gain, and how we must be on the lookout for said teachers and avoid them.

I totally heard and understood this perspective, and used to have it myself!

I was once really struggling with the idea of teachers and spiritual guides out there who were - to me - preaching messages that were out of alignment with truth. I was having an internal battle with the idea that these people had power and influence to 'trick' people and lead them off path. I was feeling like I needed to stand up and 'say something' to discredit some people that I thought were preaching dangerous messages.

I was really irritated, frustrated, angry and feeling totally out of whack over the whole idea.

So naturally I brought this into mediation (because I was NOT coming from a peaceful place with all of this, which is always my clue to go IN not act OUT) and I received the following message:

"Those who are truly committed to truth, can find the 1% truth in and amongst the 99% lie, benefit from it, and walk away. Those who are on a path of contrast will always be led astray, led into a pit, by the 1% lie, even if the rest of the teaching is true."

What this translates to is that fundamentally the truth exists within EVERYTHING.

There really are no teaching out there that do not have some sort of foundation on an idea that is actually based in truth - this is one of the laws of the universe - a true outright lie is obvious and easy to spot. Also a true lie is really, really rare (maybe not even possible) as this would actually operate outside the laws of creation itself. Truth exists within all things, because fundamentally CREATION is truth, and anything created had to find its roots in creation. In truth. How we skew it from there varies widely, but the fact that everything contains a seed of truth is foundational to understand.

Everything in creation is seeded in truth because ultimately only truth really exists.

So in order for something to be created, it must be founded on truth first. The false stuff is all figments of imagination. Not real. Without true substance. And thus a true outright lie would be so impossible it would not even be able to be created in this reality.

At the same time, to find a teacher that is 100% in the truth 100% of the time is very, very rare. So what the message was pointing at was an internal state of commitment to truth, where you then have the capacity to mine the gold from any and every teaching/teacher, even if it is only 1% of what they are offering. And to use your internal guidance to discard the rest.

This also speaks to the idea that there is benefit in being led off the path!

In being tricked and the like. This is how we learn. Those who are teaching out of alignment with truth are, in absolute terms, also doing light work, by giving us an opportunity not to abdicate our personal responsibility fully onto anyone, and to always check in with our own guidance systems. This abdication of responsibility, and the seeking and searching for the 'perfect' or 'pure' teacher is actually leading us off of the true self actualization path. As the true self actualization path ends with realizing you have always had everything you needed within you. That nothing really ever came from outside yourself, that all a teacher can really do is demonstrate a truth to you. You must then own it, live it and realize it for yourself. No teacher can do that for you. We are currently in a state of consciousness where we distrust ourselves so much, that we NEED our teachers to be a little bit wrong every once in a while, to get us to own our power. These false teachings/teachers are just as needed and valuable as the 'true' ones are in this respect.

We benefit from losing our way, because it forces us to go within and find it. It forces us to take responsibility for realizing the truth inside ourselves. We need the push of being led off path sometimes, in order to realize this internal power. 

In this, I have found that I don't really like or dislike any teachers. I think everyone has something of value to say - and it is simply my job to find the fruit and spit out the seed, so to speak. Everyone has their shadow that has not been fully integrated, and so will put a filter on their teachings in some way. We really only block ourselves from new light and life if we need the whole being to be in alignment to find the value.

Maybe that resonates.

Let me know what you think!