Monday Musings ~ Words Suck, And That’s Why I Love Them

Words are one of my very favorite things about this whole human experience.

Words are a tool we use to foster connection.

Words are a tool we use to transmit feelings.

Words are a tool we use to relay an experience.

Words are a tool we use to translate emotion.

Words are a tool we use to express ideas, inspirations and concepts that are yet without physical form.

But what's more than all of this - words are a tool we use to try to describe this reality. Words are tools we use to attempt to encapsulate the very essence of what it means to be 'me,' what it means to be 'alive,' what it means to be a specific fragment of the all that is, what it means to be at once fully connected to all and completely separate inside the confines of perspective.

We use words to try to explain the 'isness' of life to one another and to ourselves, and we use them in an attempt to find that connection we feel may not be inherent in this experience.

And the thing is - words are actually a really terrible tool for all of the above.

They fall so epicly short in their quest to define this reality.

They cause the illusion of separation more than they mend it.

They suck at being truly a part of reality.

Which is exactly why I love them.

You see, in their failing - they actually prompt us to go looking for that which we are hoping words are going to provide, but which they inevitably never do.

If we were able to perfectly describe the nature of reality through the verbal system, many would 'think' they understood it - and would stop their journeys there. With that, they may miss the opportunity to really EXPERIENCE this knowledge in their beings. That would be a tragedy.

If we could foster a satisfying concept of connection through talking, would we then not cease to move beyond what can be intellectualized, into the other realms of existence that give rise to the awareness of unity?

You see, if words were at all successful in creating a concept that satisfied us, we would be all head. We would be all book knowledge, no practical application. We would be totally aware of truth, without every having FELT it. Without KNOWING it in our beings. Without ever truly EXPERIENCING this truth.

It would be like reading about a rollercoaster but never riding one.

It would be like watching a movie about snuggling puppies but never holding one in your arms.

It would be like hearing someone describe making love to you, without ever being embraced by a beloved.

Where words succeed, is also where they fail. They provide just enough of what we are looking for to get us interested and aware of this truth we so desperately want to KNOW - and then leave us unsatisfied so we must go digging farther.

They fail at describing reality, and they fail at relating connection. Which are basically the two main human desires - to know this place and all its separate parts, and to feel one with it, knowing how it all fits together.

In their failing, they force us to go in and look for ourselves.

They force us to go for the EXPERIENCE rather than the intellectual knowledge.

They blow open our minds to the awareness that the quest is something we really want to embrace, and they drop us off the ledge where we have to go out beyond them to really get it.

Without words, many may never know that there is more than meets the eye here in life. If those who had gone beyond what can be weighted and measured had never tried to put words to it, many would never even know that such a beyond exists.

But no one has or ever will fully be able to bring the truth to you. Not with words.

Which is the perfect design, when you think about it.

Words are masterful failures, and in their failing, they push us to what we desire.

Thank you words.



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