Notice The Little Miracles

If you are able to notice the little miracles in your life, you will be priming your awareness to fully experience the big miracles.

Lets Talk About Patterns

Your brain is amazing at noticing patterns. That is what gave us humans an advantage over other species when it came to survival and dominance. Back then our pattern recognition helped us stay alive. Today our patter recognition literally dictates the reality we will experience.

You have probably heard the saying "you always find what you are looking for." This is totally and completely true. This is because of pattern recognition.

For instance - when you get a new watch you may walk down the street after making your purchase and notice that 3,4 or 5 other people have the exact same watch. You may not have ever noticed anyone else wearing this particular watch before, but now it seems like everyone has one. This is not because everyone had the same idea that you did at that exact same moment, it is because you tuned your awareness to that particular watch, meaning that your brain actually took notice when your eyes saw the watch, rather than filtering it out into your unconscious mind.

miracles happen

The Trick Of The Conscious Mind

The other reason you find what you are looking for is due to the fact that you can only be consciously aware of so many things at a time. If you were to actually fully perceive everything that was going on in your internal and external environments at any given moment you would be totally overwhelmed with stimulus. In order to prevent this overwhelm your brain helps you out by only allowing you to perceive those pieces of information that are vital for your survival, or things that you have decided on some level are important for you. Like the watch 🙂

You have control on many respects over what your conscious mind becomes aware of and picks up. You can allow your life experiences dictate what you look for - for instance if you have been hurt in relationships in the past you will most likely have a higher than average sense about the character of those around you. Or you can decide to send your awareness to specific things because they are the things you desire to see.

Putting It All Together

So, now that you know your brain is tuned to noticing patterns, and that you can control what kind of patterns it picks up, you can decide to fill your life with little miracles by choosing to focus your attention to the patterns of miraculous events that occur in your daily life.

everything is a mircale

Start looking for the little synchronicities that make your life work. Notice when you show up at the bus stop at exactly the moment your bus arrives. Notice when you look at the clock at 11:11 or 2:22 on a regular basis. Notice those moments when someone says the exact thing you needed to hear or offers you a helping hand right when you needed it.

The more you tune your awareness to noticing when these things happen, the more they will start to happen because your brain will start to subconsciously look for those moments. Because they are a patterns!

Your life can be full of the mundane, or full of the miraculous - and to a large extent the difference between these two experiences is simply how you choose to perceive your life.

So decide to see the miracles. Decide to see the things that work out for you. Decide to see the beautiful things.

The more you do, the more miracles will occur and the bigger and bigger those miracles can become.