On Track Or Off Track?! Holiday Bonus Episode

This time of year, it can really feel like we are falling 'off track' with all of our practices.
Like we aren't where we hoped we would be this time this year.
Like we're facing our lives in a very existential way, feeling like we don't know where we're going, why we're doing what we are, what we want OR like we've failed to get to all the things we 'should' have achieved.
We may feel like the New Year offers a 'fresh start.' Where we can get 'back on track' with our goals and desires.
Today let's consider a reframe.
Because all of the above can feel really stressful and painful. Even the hope of the new life can feel terrible once we get to the New Year and realize we're still US and that life is still hard.
Let's reframe the whole on-track-off-track narrative today so we can all feel a little better shall we?

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  • Mary Anne Hoffman says:

    I listened to this message twice this afternoon. It’s so true…it’s true anytime of the year and always. Thank you for another year of amazing posts Aliyah. You have lifted me up this year more than any. I went to your pay pal account that you mentioned on another post and it did ask for your country. Is that how I can contribute to your work financially? I had read some of your writings to Chris…told him you were someone I thought he might want to listen to on your many videos. I have told others about you, too. The year is ending soon and a new year beginning…I wish you and Marcus the best of everything always…sending big hugs and so much Love…Mary Anne💖✨💐🎄

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      Hello my friend! First off, thank you so much for all of your amazing, profound, deep and honest commenting this year. Reading from you is always a highlight. You’re such a gentle, wise, loving, deep and introspective soul. I feel very lucky to have you around here. Thank you for sharing my work, that truly means the world to me. Honestly that alone is all I could ever want!

      I believe that paypal should just allow you to make a transfer? Sending to [email protected]?

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