Our Systems Of Dominance Aren’t Working For ANYONE

Something to consider today,

I know this may be hard to wrap the mind and heart around - but it's my belief that those who are at the 'top' of our system - those with the most wealth, power and privilege - are suffering just as everyone below them is forced into a state of suffering due to how the society we live in are set up.

In real reality, of course we know that having ENOUGH to have a relative sense of security, access to food, shelter, clothing and comfort, access to health care and a safe community to live in DOES improve our happiness and life satisfaction quite a bit. We know that having this security means that we are going to have an easier time pursuing a life that feels good for us BEYOND just getting our needs met, and we know that this security does wonders for our nervous systems, brains and bodies.

So I don't want to minimize or erase the massive harm that's being done to people in our society who DON'T have these basic safety's or to say that those who are wealthy are suffering JUST AS MUCH as those who don't have safety or even that they are suffering in the same WAYS.


The reality is, the very fact that our system is FOUNDED on the ideas of competition, separation, hierarchy and domination, means that no matter WHERE you land on the pyramid - you're going to be asked to sacrifice some of your humanity in order to survive.

We may have people who have so much wealth they'll never be able to spend it in our society, and we also have people in the middle who have enough - but is this leading to overall positive outcomes?

Or is it possible that those in the middle and those at the top are constantly in a state of stress, fear of not enough, being manipulated into over consuming and over producing and therefore constantly feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, are perpetually given the 'reward' of superficial relationships, entertainment and other objectively harmful ways of living as a way of trying to cope with this inherently anti-humane system, as well as having to participate in practices that inherently ask them to override their feelings, thoughts and sense of self in order to 'win' at this game?

Is it possible that NO ONE is winning here?

Is it possible that the real answer to our problems is not figuring out where the 'good people to put on top' are - but rather lies in seeing that so long as we have a system where ANYONE is dominant, we are never going to have peace?

Is it possible that all the luxuries of 'winning' in our system are in fact things that make life WORSE for all of us - and are not a true 'reward'?

Is it possible that we need to 'wake up' to the fact that what we've been taught to chase as an avenue for happiness is really just a distraction from the pain of a system that doesn't actually WORK?

Let's talk about all of this today.



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