Questioning Spiritual Abundance With Ash Riley

In the spirituality/Personal Growth worlds, there is a LOT of talk about abundance and how abundance is a spiritual thing.

There is a lot of talk about how when you're doing what you're 'made to do', when you're following your purpose, when you're really charging your WORTH - you're going to be in a state of material abundance - as defined by Western Standards.

We're inundated all day long with visions of people who seem to have 'manifested' lives of luxury, material wealth and excess - and we're told that this is because of people 'aligning' with their 'right lives.'

We're told that there needs to be more money in the hands of 'good people' so that we can have more power to shift the world into a better state. 

We're told that to be very wealthy means to have more power, and in this way you can shift how society works for the better - that the problem is not that there are people who have so much more power than others via having so much more wealth than others, but that it's just that the WRONG people have this power/wealth - and if we had DIFFERENT rich people who were 'conscious' we would be able to make the world we all want to live in.

There are a LOT of ideas in this whole line of thinking - and in real reality, I think it's important that we question the whole thing.

Because in real reality, the idea of Western Abundance, the idea of people having so much more power than the average person, the idea of abundance being spiritual - ALL of these ideas are in reality, a part of a paradigm that is actually a part of the PROBLEM - not part of the solution.

Today I am joined by Ash Riley to discuss what's going on here.

We're going to dive deep into the ideas of abundance, spirituality, what is truly going to create a new, more equitable world and whether or not having lots of money and luxury is possibly a part of that better future.

This is a really deep, nuanced and important conversation and I hope you enjoy!

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