Self Love Is NOT A Quick Fix – It’s A New FOUNDATION

Hello Beauty!

The self love path is NOT a quick fix to feeling amazing right now.

Learning to be your own safe place, how to show up for you in pain and struggle, how to approve of you no matter what, how to find your own answers and your own path - these are NOT things that come quickly to anyone.

Today I want to talk about why this path is a COMMITMENT - because it isn’t a self help modality. It isn’t a short term solution.

It’s a path of building a whole new way of relating to yourself and to life. It’s a path of building a totally different foundation to how the rest of the world lives.

it’s not simple. It’s not going to feel good or ‘work’ right away. You’re not going to slide into finding the answers within your emotions or being able to change your circumstances to improve your life over night.


You’re going to walk a path. To develop yourself. To become something totally new.

I want to help you reframe this path today so that you can approach it with the LONG TERM in mind. With what this will do for you OVER TIME. With how this will shift your way of being.

This path is not a feel better right now thing - it’s a learn to relate to yourself and the world in a radically different way thing. It’s a journey. It’s an undertaking.

You’re worth the time and effort. Let’s talk about what this path really is so you can set yourself up to have clear expectations of what it can do for you and how it’s going to feel.



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