Should I Be Doing The Self Love Path All On My Own?


The self love path can be inherently lonely.

Learning how to have compassion for ourselves, learning how to shift out of being in a state where we live from shame and guilt, learning to be on our own sides and learning to assess what TRULY matters in life and how to gear our motivations around that basically means that we're going to be people who aren't very well understood by most others.

Living the self love way is a massive rebellion from normal culture, and so the more we sink into it, the more 'different' from others we're going to become. 

At the same time, the work of the self love path - learning to understand our own wants and needs, learning to understand and listen to our emotions, learning to tune into our own bodies, learning to figure out what actually works for us and what doesn't so that we can shift our lives to better support what matters to us - it can all be a very 'inward' focused journey.

The self love path can be one where, in order to really do for ourselves what we need to do, we DO have to take some time to sort of 'shut the world out' in a lot of ways. We have to isolate a little, learn to tune in to ourselves, learn how to be ok with others not being ok with us and where we have to learn to develop that inner resource. 

This is all well and good. Doing these things on our own is part of the path because again, a big part of self love is learning HOW to be on our own side and HOW to resource ourselves even when no one around us is able to help/support/understand us.

That being said, we don't actually want to swing SO far in the direction of doing things on our own, that we feel like we have to be FULLY independent at all times.

In fact, I would argue that the long term goal of the self love path isn't to make us better at being INDEPENDENT, but rather it's about helping us to be better at INTERDEPENDENCY.Today I want to dive deep into what the self love path isn't meant to be a totally solo journey, and why this path of self love will actually ENHANCE our capacity to be in relationships. I want to talk about the importance of community on our path of self love, and why sometimes the thing we need is not more 'self care' but rather community care - and how the self love path helps us recognize this and ask for it in a healthy way.

We are not trying to become fully independent beings who never want or need anything from anyone ever again - this path is deeper and more nuanced than that.

Let's dive into why the self love path will actually make us BETTER at being in community, and how to support ourselves in this.


Loving this content, but don’t know how to put it all together?

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