The Pain We See Is A Call For Revolution

Hello Friends.

This is a very important moment in history. An opportunity for a turning point, if we are willing.

Not to say that times aren't generally speaking quite intense, but right now we are in a moment where things that have been issues in our 'normal way of life' that we have been keeping held under the surface are starting to shoot up and into our awareness like never before.

We Are Being Challenged By So Much, Everything Is Coming Up To Be Challenged:

We are as a collective being pushed to the brink, unable to maintain our status quo - and this is giving rise to SO MUCH imbalance being seen for what it is. So much injustice. So much abuse and ways of being that simply destroy and degrade the human being, coming into the light of day in ways we have resisted as a humanity for a very, very long time.

We are finally in a position where those who are being deeply traumatized by our collective habits are finally being heard, because we have so many different issues arising that we can no longer keep up with censoring or silencing the voices who are telling us that while it may look to US like things are 'fine' - they truly are anything but.

We are seeing that we have a lot to learn as a humanity about oppression, suppression, the value of a human life and essentially what it looks like when any group of people assert dominance over another.

These issues of systemic misalignment with reality - reality being that we are all one, thus no amount of harm done to one can cause benefit in another, not really, not long term, even if it looks like one is 'winning against another' at the time - are getting a light shone upon them, and of COURSE those who rely upon the current system for their sense of security, value, power and status are not happily looking to amplify those voices.

The voices that are the barometers for us as a humanity. The voices that are coming up and out to say 'we are hurting' are telling us that our SYSTEMS are out of whack, and that they are causing destruction to ALL.

Again, even those who are seemingly 'benefiting' from the harm done to others, aren't.  If we could take a true step back - we would see that those at the 'top' of this particular societal structure based upon competition, greed, profit at the expense of human life and dignity, are not happy. Are not flourishing. Are not prospering. They are hurting, sad, lonely, scared and desperate. They feel that life is just as fragile for them as those at the bottom feel - and no amount of shoring up resources, power and influence can tame that. It is a snake eating it's own tail. The more you invest in these false systems, the more desperate you become, causing you to double down, not seeing the err of your way - thinking it is just MORE you need to feel that security, that love, that liberation. And it never comes. Yet they push on.

Those at the bottom who are crying for change are looking to dismantle a system that has robbed them of rights, freedoms and basic dignity - and their voices are saying nothing short of revolution is going to make this better.

And they are right.

Pain Is A Symptom, And Expression Of Pain Is A Symptom:

Their expressions of pain is a symptom of the fact that how we are living serves NO ONE.

Though it SHOULD BE ENOUGH that our systems are hurting ANYONE for us to want to change as a humanity, though it SHOULD BE ENOUGH that any group is saying they are not getting their needs met in the current system, though it SHOULD BE EOUGH that any group is saying they don't have rights, that they are being abused, that they are not being given the chance to build a happy life, that they are being murdered, denigrated, and have been so for a LONG TIME - to shake us into want to make systemic change, this doesn't seem to be the reality for most. It's not enough because those at the top are in such a deep state of fear and trauma around their own insecurity, their own lack of purpose, their own lack of love, their own lack of connection that they are fighting tooth and nail to keep the current system as is, in the foolish hope that ONE DAY it will actually lead them to the happiness they seek.

Which it never can. Which it never will.

A system that doesn't work for EVERYONE doesn't work for ANYONE.

Now, it's not going to be those at the top that change things. Again they are too stuck in their fear and trauma most of the time to see anything beyond defending what is going on. They are like a narcissist who cannot admit to ANY flaw of character or action because the shame they feel about themselves is so deep, that to admit that ANYTHING is amiss is to admit that they are FUNDAMENTALLY and irreconcilably flawed. Too painful. Instead they feel they must push through with what they are doing to keep up the facade that they are good.

Those at the top are in this space.

To lose what they have is to lose all they've ever known.

To lose the only chance for happiness they think exists.

Change Is Not Going To Come From 'Them':

It also isn't going to be done on the backs of those who are being the most used, abused and taken advantage of. The oppression, abuse, and systemic ways in which these people are being victimized puts them in a position of needing alleys to help them accomplish their goal of being given a decent, human experience.

In my view, change is going to come from those of us in the middle.

Those of us who are willing to 'give up' some of our privilege, some of our unearned advantages, some of our misaligned excesses in order to make room for more to have more.

Because there is enough to go around. There are enough of us in the middle, that if we stop participating in the structures that exist, no one at the top can keep them going.

They depend upon US playing along to keep their supposed power.

This is the biggest key.

Those of us in the middle are the ones who decided to allow those in power to get that power, and we can dismantle it. But we have to then give up our hopes and dreams of ever becoming as powerful as them.

WE have to do our inner work to realize that happiness doesn't come from stuff, from dominance, that security doesn't come from having, doing or being 'enough.' Once we start to awaken to OUR TRUE VALUE, we will start to see the inherent value in ALL LIFE - and we will stop being over consumers that continue to feel power into the hands of those who wish to oppress to stay in their role.

When we in the middle wake up, stop buying stuff, learn to feel rather than live from lack - we will all of a sudden be AVAILABLE to work towards a world that supports those crying out for help and a voice right now.

Listening To Those Crying Out Is How We Will DISCOVER What To Change And How To Change It:

We are not going to know how and what needs to change in and of ourselves. That is going to come from finally, finally, finally, becoming strong enough to be HUMBLE so that we can LISTEN to those who are in pain, LISTEN to what they are telling us is hurting them, LISTEN to the ways in which they are expressing to us the broken system we haven't even considered before - because THEY are going to be our guides for what is out of whack for ALL OF US and how we need to change things.

Listening to THEIR PAIN is going to show us what we are not seeing. It is going to explain to us what is out of synch with EVERYTHING and it's going to point us in the direction of the new world we need to create.

We are going to have to come to terms with the fact that ALL PAIN IS REAL. All pain has a CAUSE and no one is making up their pain. No one is expressing their pain in an immature way. No one deserves to be told their pain doesn't exists or that they are making it up because WE DON'T SEE IT OR FEEL IT.


This is a moment where we as a humanity need to learn a very, very important skill: listening.

We all need to learn how to listen to PAIN specifically.

Our pain.

The pain of others.

In this listening, in this validation, in this honest dialogue, in this we will find our solutions.

We Must Stop Gas-lighting Those Expressing Pain - Those Showing Us Where The Misalignments Are:

Not in calling out the expressions of pain as wrong or bad. Not in trying to make the pain expressions go away. Not in trying to minimize or make those expressions more comfortable for US TO SEE. Not in assuming that pain doesn't exist because we aren't feeling it.

No if we want a better world, we need to listen and validate. THIS IS WHERE our answers for 'what do we need to do to make this world better?' are ALL going to come from.

If you call yourself a light worker, if you want to see less violence, less rage, less injustice, less pain - we aren't going to get there through minimizing, making light of or rejecting anyones pain expression.

We are not going to jump to 'love and light.'


We must become wise enough to recognize that the violence, anger, rage, sorrow, expressions of pain of all kinds are the SYMPTOMS of the problem - they are how those being affected by the OUT OF ALIGNMENT SYSTEM are REACTING to this MISALIGNMENT. The expression is not the problem and we HAVE TO STOP trying to suppress the symptom. We need to LISTEN TO THE SYMPTOM so we can find the ROOT PROBLEM and CHANGE THAT. If we call ourselves light workers, going into the pain, validating it, seeing it for what it is - a cry for change, and looking for where that change needs to take place so that those expressing pain ARE NO LONGER IN PAIN - and thus don't need to express it anymore  is the solution.


It's not going to go away.

We have to address the root problems in society, and THIS is where we as light workers need to be working.

If we listen and validate, we will be shown what the problem is. The systems.

There we have power. Once we see the problem we can change things.

If we keep trying to reject or deny the expression of the symptom, we will never have the world we want.

We don't have a world of love and light right now, and no amount of acting like it will make it so. We need new systems. The expressions of pain are the answers, not the problem.


Are we mature enough to start validating and embracing the pain so we can get honest with ourselves about what needs to change so all can thrive? If so, keep reading.

Because it's going to be hard and uncomfortable. It's going to be hard to change how we have lived. It's going to be scary. It's going to be unfamiliar. It's going to mean CHANGE to things we are COMFORTABLE IN right now. It's going to mean hearing things we don't want to hear. But again if we want love and light, t's the only way.

If we want love and light, we must bring the pain into the light. Hold it. Investigate it. Let it teach us. Let it rock us. Let it CHANGE us, so we can then change the systems.

Suppression is not love and light. LISTENING, VALIDATING and CHANGING is love and light.

The violence will end when we don't need it to get our point across. When we are no longer in pain.

Systems need to change for this. Not people's expression.

The nose will always run so long as there is a virus. Don't suppress the symptom. It will only come back again. Until the immune system has been fortified, we will deal with the runny nose.

The expressions of pain are the symptom. Until the roots are addressed, the symptom will persist. We can help change the system so that there is no more pain. Then there will be no more expression of pain.

Please consider this deeply, and we will look at HOW to do this listening next week.



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