The Truth About Energy Healers/Energy Work

Hello Beauty:

Let’s get real about energy work/healing today.

Does working with an energy healer actually ‘do’ anything?

Can an energy healer, heal you?

What exactly is 'energy healing' anyway? How does it work, if it does?

Maybe you have had an experience with energy work, felt better for a little while, but noticed that eventually the effects wore off?

Maybe you have had some awesome energy shifting experiences,  felt totally on top of the world, but then found that a few days or weeks later, you seemed to ‘crash’ back to reality?

Maybe you are a skeptic and think that all of this ‘energy’ stuff is just hog pog and is all in our heads.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of energy work, today lets get it all straight so you can decide for yourself if energy work is something you want to engage in or not - no woo woo ness required.