What If Self Discovery Feels HOLLOW/Hopeless

Hello Love!

Finding your true self.

Becoming who you really are.

Shedding all those false images of your conditioned self so that you can FINALLY be free in the person that you ARE.

So many in the self help/spiritual world make it sound like the transition from living a life that isn't genuine to us, that isn't who we 'really are' that doesn't align with our actual blueprint, that is based on cultural/familial expectations and consensus into one where we are fully aware of who we are, what we want and what's right for us, is a smooth one.

We are sold the idea that we are going to have that 'flash of insight' on some plant medicine or in a meditation where we finally SEE who we REALLY ARE - and then BOOM we will feel elated, blissed out and ready to live as this new person.

Meaning, when we then set out to 'discover our true selves' and rather than having these liberating moments of awakening, we instead find ourselves feeling lost, confused, letting go of old things but having nothing to replace them, ending up feeling 'empty' inside - like we are 'no one' rather than feeling like we are really DISCOVERING something, when we find ourselves having very, very SMALL ideas of what we would like to do/who we want to be - but no BIG ideas, no BIG concepts, no THIS IS WHAT MY LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE revelations - we think we must be doing something wrong.

OR we may discover that as we love ourselves, have compassion for our pain, make room for our coping, self sabotage and scapegoats to talk to us - we discover that we're in pain not because WE are broken, but because they SYSTEM is broken. We come into a realization that we are never going to make it work because the system is what sucks. Everything we have to do hurts, the only way to survive is to be in pain - and then we find ourselves feeling totally lost and hopeless in this revelation.

Today I want to explore why when we are walking this path of dissolving the conditioned self so that we can discover our TRUE essence, we are going to run into those periods of VOID, confusion and lack of connection to anything at all.I'm going to talk about the very REAL reality of our systems, why they hurt, why we are coping, numbing and self sabotaging, and what this really MEANS in terms of following our true path. I'm going to explain why we are going to get very SMALL clues that we can often miss and write off, leaving us stuck. I'm going to talk about why this path isn't linear, and why there most likely WON'T be big flashes of insight, but rather small little ideas that build on themselves over time. I'm going to explore why learning to figure out who you really are is a PATH of FEELING and LITTLE STEPS - rather than an intellectual figuring out where we then take one big bold leap and are 'there.'

Self discovery is VERY different in reality than what most people think.

Let's dive into how it REALLY works today, so you can have a better sense of the path, and more tools to help you navigate it.



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