What IS The Self Love Path REALLY?



This self love path - it sounds like it should be pretty easy to understand/straight forward. 

Learn to be nice to yourself and learn to have compassion for yourself. 

Sounds easy doesn't it?

But the TRUTH is, this path is actually quite a bit more complex - because in real reality, loving ourselves is the exact opposite of what we're taught to do in modern society.

Also, the self love path, as far as I understand it and the way that I present it, contains a LOT of different steps and phases. There are many layers to this path, many component parts and many PHASES that we're going to go through as we gently learn how to shift out of fixing ourselves and into a state of really KNOWING ourselves.

This path, I believe, is available for all people at any place - but it's not going to look the same for any two people. 

Today I want to sit down and paint a really clear picture of the self love path, so that everyone who's feeling called to pursue it can have a better understanding of what they're getting into, why this path is so radical, why my Mystery School is a 3 year long program and why I teach self love the WAY I teach it.

This path involves many different techniques from many different healing modalities, as well as having parts that are unique to the self love path.

The self love path is a path in and of itself, a modality in and of itself, something that isn't 'like' anything else. It's complex and nuanced and it can be something that SUPPORTS you in any other healing modality you choose to take on.

It has something for everyone, and it takes us places we may never have dreamed possible if we're able to stick with it.

Let's dive in and get a really clear sense of what this path is and why it's so nuanced.


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