What My High School Drivers ED Class Taught Me About Manifestation

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All of life can be profound, if you are looking for life to be profound.

When I was in grade 11, I enrolled in a 2 week after school Drivers ED program.  I did this because at that age driving meant freedom.  If staying late after school listening to what would surly be some of the most boring lectures I had ever had to sit through meant getting my licence, I was game.

During one of the lectures, our instructor wrote the acronym "W.Y.L.I.W.Y.G" on the white board.

He turned to face us and began to explain that if you are in a situation where your car starts to hydroplane or if you lose control of the vehicle for some reason, make sure to keep your focus in the direction you want the car to go.

"Willy Wig," he pronounced the acronym, "always remember that Where You Look Is Where You'll Go"

He explained that one of the most common mistakes his students make when first learning to drive is that they will focus their attention on an object in front of them that they do not want to hit, and inevitably they will end up driving straight into that object. He said if you are driving and you lose control of the car, looking at a rock ahead and thinking "don't hit the rock, don't hit the rock, don't hit the rock" will almost always result in hitting the rock.  Conversely if you had focused on the road in which you desired the car to drive on, chances are the car would have stayed on the road because that is where you would have been focusing and thus steering the car.

I believe that Willy Wig works just as well in life as a whole, as it does in driving.  I believe that willy wig is really the secret to powerful manifestation.

Lets look at a real life example. Say you work in an office and it is flue season.  Everyone around you starts to get sick, and you start to panic.  You begin to think to yourself "don't get sick, don't get sick, don't get sick." Then, 2-3 days later you wake up with a sore throat, a cough and a headache. By thinking to yourself "don't get sick" you actually have set in motion the ideal conditions for getting sick:

1. You have tuned your own awareness to sickness. You were most likely seeing it everywhere. You have also put yourself in a state of resistance - resisting illness.

2. You have sent a signal to your body that there is something to be scared of, that there is a threat.  This will boost your immune system momentarily, but over several days will actually lower your immunity because prolonged stress will do this to the body.  You have, in effect, steered your life car right towards the sickness rock.

If instead you had said to yourself "I am staying well, I am staying well" the circumstance may have been much different:

1. You would have been attuning your focus to wellness, and thus re-directing your mental course of action. You would have been aligning yourself with receptivity to wellness, instead of resistance.

2. You most likely would have done the things that you know create wellness within your own body like taking extra rest, eating nourishing foods and maybe even doing a little light exercise.  You would have done these things because wellness was your focus.

Instead of being in a state of resistance to that which you did not want, you would have been in a state of receptivity to that which you did want. That is the magic of manifestation.  Being in a state of receptivity to that which you do want.

Next time you want to manifest something in your life or you want to avoid something, tune your focus in the direction that you want to go.

If you are afraid you are not going to have enough money, focus your attention on abundance.  Notice all the areas in your life in which abundance is flowing and create an intention in your mind that you are in a state of receptivity to financial abundance.  Then allow whatever insights and ideas that will create that state come to you.

If you are wanting to lose weight, instead of focusing on not gaining weight, or even on losing weight, (as those are both negative, resistance based states) focus on your ideal body at your new, healthy weight.  Notice how it feels to visualize this new you, and then take action from that place.

Remember, you are the driver of your life. We are all on the highway together, but you get to choose where your car goes.  Where You Look Is Where You Will Go on the road and in life, so focus on what you want and watch the magic of manifestation take place.



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  • Jhon says:

    The Power of Mind reflected in those words! I read the book “The Secret” and they talk about positive thinking also! In a psychology class I took they named this as “Reframe your thoughts”. I have practiced it, but I need to improve it. I am on it!! 🙂

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