What To Do When You Can’t Get Your Needs Met

Hello Love!

The world we live in is imperfect.

When we're on our self love path, we will be coming into clearer and clearer awareness of what we need at any given time.

We will start seeing why we're in pain and needing to cope and self sabotage, being able to shift from seeing ourselves as broken and in need of discipline, to seeing ourselves as people who aren't getting our needs met properly and are therefore coping in some way.

We're going to start to see more and more WHY we do the things we do, and will get more and more information over time about what we ACTUALLY need and how to actually get those needs MET in real reality. We will see all the ways our needs went unmet/were misunderstood and in THIS we will find lots of empowerment to change our lives in positive ways.


There are also going to be times when we recognize a need or a want that we CAN'T meet in real reality.

There are going to be times when we simply don't have access to the things we know would make us feel better, that would support our growth and that would help us evolve and expand. When we can't meet the needs we have on our own and don't have someone around to support us. When the steps we need to take to work towards building a life that works for us aren't available, and when the things we have to do in the moment are inherently harmful in some way or other - but it's what we have to do right now to survive.

Today I want to talk about the very real world reality of meeting our needs, seeing needs we know we can't meet, seeing needs we don't know how to meet, seeing needs we can't meet on our own and having to work through times when we have to do things that are painful, but necessary in the moment.

We're not always going to be able to get our needs met even when we're totally self aware and being as empowered as possible. Let's explore what to do when this is the case, so we have tools for the real world.



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