What To Do With THIS Part Of Yourself

Hello Friend!

Has this ever happened to you?

You're following your self love path - getting curious about different behavior patterns, thought patterns and ways of being that you have - that are leading you to seeing parts of yourself that you hadn't seen before.

You're listening to self love teachers, learning a lot about different examples of parts of self we may discover as we look deeper into our self sabotage, scapegoats and coping mechanisms. You're understanding that these parts of yourself that you've been thinking were 'flawed' or broken your whole life are in fact just there, trying to protect and take care of you the best they know how. You're getting that compassion is the key, and listening to self love teachers you're starting to really grasp how parts of self that can seem so 'bad' are actually just traumatized and wounded.

Then, as you're doing your work, you start to see parts of yourself you HAVEN'T heard discussed before. You're having revelations about what you do, what you do, where your patterns came from and are seeing parts of you that are not only totally unfamiliar to you - they're also confusing because you haven't heard anyone talk about encountering a part like the one you're seeing. You also don't really understand what this part could be doing, and you don't know what this part needs in order to mature - because no one's explained the root of this particular part before. You don't know what it wants or needs, and you're not even sure that it's safe to love or have compassion for this part because again, it causes harm and you're not sure it's safe to love this part.

You're wondering - what do I do with THESE parts? You're feeling like you know what to do with the parts that you've heard talked about before, but you're wondering if these parts you're finding in yourself that feel really novel to you need to be treated in some different way.

You're wondering what the technique is to help THIS part that you're seeing - since you haven't heard anyone speak about it specifically and thus aren't sure if there's some more specific thing to do with these kinds of parts or what.

Today I want to talk about what to do when you come up against a part of self that you haven't heard discussed before, that you haven't seen in yourself before, that you haven't seen in anyone else before - that you're struggling to understand and that you're seeing as harmful and have no vision for what the mature version of this part would look like.

Let's unpack how this path works, so that we can clear the confusion on what to do as we're discovering new aspects of self. As this is something that will ALWAYS come up. I have a simple formula that will take the mystery out of this - so that YOU can start to really figure out for yourself what these parts want, what they need and how they can evolve without needing a teacher to explain it for you beforehand.

Let's dive in shall we?



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