What Yoga And Dance Have Taught Me About Conscious Creation

Hello Beautiful Ones!

Today I want to share with you some thoughts I've been having around (one of the many) true gifts that a physical discipline or practice can offer us.

As you may or may not know, I was a dancer all through my childhood years, and started practicing yoga asana when I was 14 (which is now 16 years ago which I still struggle to believe!) These two forms of physical discipline offered me many things - connection to my body, musicality,  at times an escape from my physical reality, relief from pain and of course a bunch of awesome neural pathways that I'm sure have served to boost my intelligence.

But more than all of this, I've come to see these practices as being THE tools that taught me everything I needed to know about how conscious creation works in this reality we live in.

I was never going to be a professional dancer, and asana was always something I knew deep in my core was not there simply to help me become a good gymnast. Thus these practices for me were never simply about the 'goal' of being 'good.' They always carried with them a kind of mystical quality that I didn't have words for, until now.

I'd like to share with you how I believe these physical practices showed me all I needed to know about conscious creation, so as to inspire you to perhaps look at your own practices in a new light, or to take up a practice if you don't yet have one.

Spirit - Mind - Body:

Something I’ve come to in my personal experience with practicing dance and asana for years of my life is that these practices (and those of ANY repetitive and rhythmic movement or musical practices) show me something deep about how reality works.

These practices have shown me EXACTLY how conscious creation works, and how to actually embody a body/mind/spirit connection. Not to simply pay this concept lip service - but to actually EXPERIENCE my mind, body and emotions all working as one unit to create a desired outcome.

In other words, these two forms of discipline have shown me how to navigate uniting feeling and thought in order to live in a harmonious way/achieve my desires in the physical 3D world.

Desire starts the whole process. The desire to move, the desire to create a certain shape with my body or a specific series of shapes united with music. THAT is the kickoff.

This then leads to a Feeling. The desire quickly morphs into a felt sensation in my emotions and this begins the cascade of processes required for creation.

In order to execute a choreographed dance routine or a specific asana/series of asanas, I need to be able to FEEL first - feel the music, feel the rhythm, feel my body in space, feel how my body is feeling. This is the ‘spirit’ part of the equation. There is the overarching desire and the ‘plan’ that must be FELT more than simply understood intellectually. Especially when creating choreography or planning my own asana - the FEELING is always the grounding for the inspiration and where the ‘whole picture’ comes from. How I want to feel. How I want to feel when moving to a specific piece of music, how I want to feel during my practice - the feeling comes directly united with the desire and this is emotion/spirit doing it’s work.

From there, I’ve got to be able to ground that feeling into a Mental map, into Thoughts, so as to actually PROJECT the feeling into reality. I feel the movement, I feel the music, I feel my body in space, then I mentally conceptualize HOW I am going to create the desired feeling - the feeling of the choreography or the asana - through physical movement. I must ‘think it through’ in order to provide my body with instructions. This is the mind part. The desire leads to the feeling, which is then conceptualized in my mind as something to execute.

I then must DO SOMETHING in order to actually manifest my desired feeling and that happens through the Body. The mind is the connector. It takes what the spirit desires and it creates the plan that then instructs the body.

Desire - feeling - mental map - physical execution.

Once I have felt my desire and then mentally created my plan, it's time for the body.

Playing With The Plan Through Feeling:

Once the cascade of desire, feeling, thought have all happened, it's time to take the mental ideas and start practicing them in 3D life. To start putting those movements to the music. To start moving the body towards the shapes. The feeling is still guiding everything - I'm seeking a specific feeling in the dance or in the asana and that is the overarching guide. The mind is then going to create all sorts of plans for how to make that desired feeling a reality in my body.

Some plans work out, some don’t. Some plans lead to an unintended outcome, some plans lead to the intended one. Some plans lead to something that sparks a NEW desire which builds upon what was desired originally, some provide contrast that solidify the original desire.

Working on a particular step or combination of steps is going to reveal where my mental plan does and doesn’t work. Where my body needs to ‘catch up’ to what my mind and spirit want. Some flows won’t flow, some flows will.

The body shows me where the desired feeling and the mental plan don't align. Where what my mind understands as 'the path' isn't true in real reality. The body shows me the physical boundaries, and I use this feedback from reality to re-adjust my mental plan - always sticking to seeking the original feeling.

Feel - think - execute - learn from that execution - feel again - rethink - execute - repeat.

From here, all that’s left is repetition. Repeating the choreography over and over. Noticing where the feeling and the execution aren’t matching, and tweaking the thought instructions so that the body, the mind and the emotions can move as one. The feeling has the whole picture, but the execution requires the thought. To get my body to create the feeling in real time, my mind must give instructions. With repetition there becomes less and less of a gap between the feeling-thought-execution until eventually it’s one seamless experience.

I am feeling what I am thinking as I am doing it.

THIS, in my experience is how conscious creation works.

The Act Of Creating With Purpose:

Again, what I've learned from practicing asana and dance is that really, the true gift of these practices is not becoming technically proficient as a dancer or ‘skilled’ as an asana practitioner. Those things are nice of course, but they are rather shallow in comparison to what these practices can and do offer ultimately.

What these disciplines have offered me is the ‘map’ for how to live life.

They have shown me how to take desire, to feel the feeling of that desire existing in real life, how to create a mental plan for EXPERIENCING that desired feeling in my reality and then how to take that mental plan and begin executing it through my physicality.

They have shown me how to re-adjust my mental plan when it’s not quite delivering on the feeling I thought it would, so that I can eventually get the perfect feeling state happening in my body.

This is how I live my life now. I know what my desires are, and I know the FEELING state I am looking to create. I then use my mind to create a plan to walk out that desired state in 3D reality.

Then as I walk it out, as I actually DO what I think is going to create what I want, I keep checking back in with the FEELING. Does what I'm doing right now match the feeling I'm going for? If not, it’s not the path. If so, keep following. Keep repeating those things that feel like the end goal (that may not LOOK like the end goal right now, but offer a similar feeling) but just need some repetition and practice to work out the kinks. Those things that DON’T feel similar to the end goal feeling in execution are to be examined - what’s the contrast? What am I learning through this? What doesn’t work and why?

I then continue to act things out, checking with how they feel, tweaking the mental plan and forming new understandings along the way.

Then, eventually, the feeling, the thought plan and the physical execution are all united.

Spirit, mind and body have come together to create the desired outcome in real life.

Practice shows me how to use the spirit, mind and body in their right places and order so that I can create what I wish to create and thus evolve as I wish to evolve.

This is the path. Desire. Feeling. Thought. Execution. Learning. Feeling. New thought. New execution. Repetition. Eventual realization of desire in the physical world.

Does this resonate with you? I would love to hear your thoughts.



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  • Moji Alli says:

    Hi Ali, really loved this post. The way you broke down the concepts and how it made sense in relation to your yoga/dance practices. I think it really does highlight the simplicity of how we can begin to achieve the desires in our life and how to work through the obstacles with an open mind. We can be our own worst enemies at the best of times, this gives me more hope. Take care <3

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      I’m so happy to hear the words resonated for you 🙂 It is SO easy to be our own worst enemies for SURE and it can really help to understand why we do that so we can have some compassion for ourselves. Thank you for taking the time to comment <3

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