When It’s Time To CHALLENGE Our Nervous Systems

Hello Beauty!

Self love is a multi-faceted path. Containing many seeming paradoxes.

One of the main paradoxes all of us are going to run up against as we're growing on this path of self acceptance is getting to a point where we've loved ourselves so safe that we feel like we NEVER have to change in order to be loved and accepted. getting to a place where we truly SEE and FEEL our innocence in all that we're doing, and rather than looking to fix or change any harmful behavior or way of being - we're finally able to just ACCEPT who and what we are in this moment. We're able to embrace ourselves just as we are, even if we never change.


All of a sudden, as we're practicing our curiosity and compassion, there comes a stirring. A desire to shift to something new. To challenge our nervous systems. We get to a place where we realize we are worthy of love and care no matter what - and all that pain of love going away dissipates - and under it is still the pain of the ways we are thinking and the ways we're living that aren't actually serving to meet our needs in the best way possible/aren't supporting us.

In this moment, we've made the shift from trying to fix ourselves to be worthy of love, to wanting MORE and BETTER for ourselves than our current programming is allowing. We no longer want to change to be 'better', but because we WANT BETTER for ourselves.

THIS is when we're ready to step into the next phase of self love - where we challenge our programs. Challenge our perceptions. Where we choose to feel the fear of doing something new, getting rejected, falling on our faces, not knowing and failing - and we do it anyway. We shift out of needing to know how everything is going to work out BEFORE we go, to realizing we want to try things, to see if life can be better, and we're willing to catch ourselves if we have to fall a few times on the way to generating that new life.

Here, we're ready for the effort part of this path. Because this path DOES require effort, challenge and pushing ourselves - but from a TOTALLY DIFFERENT place than we used to on the self improvement path.

Let's discuss this today. Let's see if we can tease apart the difference between pushing to BE good, and challenging ourselves to create something better for ourselves.

Ready for this complex deep dive? I think you are.