When You Don’t Have The Energy/Desire To Do What’s GOOD For You:

Hello Friends!

In the self love world, we're taught over and over again that we need to really 'take care' of ourselves.

That we need to learn how to nourish ourselves, to see what our true needs are, and to work on showing up for ourselves in the 'best' and most optimal ways, as much as possible.

We're taught that we need to start having those tough conversations. To start really nourishing our bodies with food and movement. To start showing up for our emotions. Processing. Journalling. Talking out our feelings.

Of course, I'm a HUGE proponent of ALL of this.


There are also going to be times and places in this life, where the physical, mental or emotional ENERGY to do these things for ourselves. We're too exhausted. We're too overwhelmed. Where the idea of caring for ourselves in some long term way simply feels far too overwhelming.

There are also going to be times when what we feel we 'should' be doing to heal - a protocol, a healing modality, a practice, a diet - just feels TOO HARD. There's no joy in it. There's no fun. It makes sense intellectually but trying to force ourselves to do it feels like a huge uphill battle.

Where we simply don't WANT to do what's best for us. Where we WANT to turn to our coping, self sabotage, numbing and scapegoating because doing what's good for us just feels HARD.

In this, it can be really easy to go into shame and guilt. To tell ourselves we're failing at self love. To believe we're 'choosing' to sabotage ourselves for some reason. To go into all sorts of stories and narratives around how we should be able to do, be and know better.

If we don't have a strategy for approaching this very REAL and very COMMON state on the path, we're going to get stuck in shame and guilt. We're going to get trapped in loops we don't have to be in, and we're not going to get the MOST out of the things we're doing for ourselves that we CAN do in the moment.

There's a time and a place for learning to accept where we are - especially when that where we are isn't 'ideal' - and learning to do so is the BEST way to move forward in whatever way we're capable of.