Why “Anti-Hustle Culture” Is A SCAM


The newest 'hotness' on the internet is the seeming 'rebellion' from hustle culture.

We're currently being bombarded from every angle with the message that we all need to 'rest' more.

That rest is the ultimate rebellion from 'the system' that's causing us all so much stress.

We're being told that the reason we all have so much anxiety, chronic illness, depression, burnout, overwhelm and general feelings of just being unwell is because WE are working to hard, and WE need to make more time in our lives for rest, recovery and self care.

We have everyone from celebrities to influencers to our next door neighbors telling us that working hard, pushing ourselves, going for our goals, and otherwise striving is OUT - and now we're all about ease, relaxation, self care, pleasure and moving with grace.

And with all of this - of COURSE there are products, courses, songs, apps and supplements you can buy in the name of 'checking out of the system.'

But let's take a step back for a second.

Is what we're being sold as 'rest culture' ACTUALLY a breaking away from hustle culture?

Is what we're being shown to be the 'answer' to our burn-out, our overwhelm, our stress REALLY going to solve our problems?

Or is it just capitalism stepping in to distract us with a fake solution to a real problem - a fake solution that actually takes us DEEPER into the system we're all supposedly trying to step out of with our bubble baths, dance parties and yin yoga classes?

Is it possible that these tools for 'checking out' of hustle culture are all just clever marketing that obfuscates the actual challenge we're facing as human beings right now?

Let's take a deep dive today and see if we can sort this out.


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