Why Changing Our Systems Requires An Identity Crisis


Pretty much EVERYONE in today's world has something to say about 'the system.'

Some people claim that our medical, political, education, financial and spiritual systems are deeply corrupted, rotten and in need of total reform.

Others believe that it's the progress and change we've seen in our world systems that's causing us all of our current problems, and that the solution is to 'go back' to how things were before.

Most people, to lesser and greater degrees, are working REALLY HARD to try to succeed within the system - are working hard to make enough money, to find friends, to have a sense of purpose and meaning - and are constantly feeling like they simply don't measure up, are failing, are weak/less than and are in need of fixing on some level.

We have so many people out there proposing that we all just need to 'pull ourselves up by our bootstraps', work hard, get shit done, and in this we will find the success and safety we're all looking for.

Others are calling us to shift our focus from individualism to community based thinking - proposing that trying to do everything on our own is part of the problem - not the solution.

There are so many theories on what's 'wrong' with society and how to fix it - and wading through all of them can be a confusing, conflicting mess.

On top of this, everything we do, everything we believe, everything we feel we must become or measure up to comes with a dose of morality. Our systems aren't simply based on what we think is best in terms of provision and outcome - if they were, these debates would be much more simple. Rather, our systems are held up not just by those in power forcing people to participate, but by the conditioning we all receive around what's good/bad/right/wrong/moral/corrupt.

We're all dealing with our personal identity, our capacity to feel safe, our desire to fit in and the indoctrination we've received that to us, is just 'reality.'

The fact that our perceptions have been trained to see certain things as good and other things as bad, to value certain things over others and to IDENTIFY with our place in society/to believe that everyone is where they are because they 'deserve' to be there on some level is a major block to our capacity to make true, lasting and helpful change in our world.

With so many conflicting messages, so many different viewpoints on what's 'right and wrong' and so many proposed solutions - how do we decide what to put our weight behind? How do we advocate for ourselves and for others? How do we progress towards a new way of doing things that's ACTUALLY going to be sustainable/helpful for more people?

First things first - we need to challenge our perceptions. We need to challenge what we've been conditioned to value and we need to take a deep look at WHY we value what we value, and if building our ways of life around these values is actually serving us - and humanity at large.

Let's take a deep dive into this today and see how we go.


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