Why I Never Tell You HOW To Get Out Of The Matrix/What The Matrix Is

Hello Friend!

Some of the most common questions I get asked while doing this work is:

'This is all well and good, love the theory - but practically speaking what am I supposed to DO to get out of the matrix?"

What's consensus reality and what's real reality? Can you give me EXAMPLES so I know what I'm looking for?"

"Am I supposed to sell all my stuff? Get rid of all my money and live off grid?"

"What do I DO to get out of society that's hurting me?"

And I want you to know - I get it! I totally understand and empathize with the fact that SO much of the time I'm throwing all this theory at you, telling you what ISN'T real, what ISN'T true, what ISN'T working - but it doesn't feel like I'm giving you anything to REPLACE all that stuff with. I'm not telling you what IS true. What DOES work. What you SHOULD be doing to feel good/live in alignment with reality.

So today, let's speak directly to this. Let's explore WHY I don't give specific lifestyle prescriptions - and why doing so would literally BE the very matrix I am trying to support you in leaving. Let's talk about why the 'vague' nature of what I offer is actually the most DIRECT route out of delusion - and why it feels so confusing and not tangible most of the time.

Let's explore why compassion, curiosity and learning to FEEL IS the answer to all of the above, and how those three tools will be how YOU figure out YOUR specific journey, one step at a time, in a way that leaves you truly empowered. Let's realize that 'exiting the matrix' isn't a thing you can look at on the surface - it's a way of BEING - it's not a lifestyle choice.

It's not how it looks. It's how it IS that matters.