Why Is Consensus Reality So Harsh?

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I talk a lot around here about consensus reality.

About the disconnect humanity has between real reality - objective cause and effect and the true overarching principles that guide a successful life where we can live in harmony with one another and the earth while growing and expressing our unique potential - and the laws, costumes, cultures and rules of society.

We've explored how our models of competition, gatekeeping, exploitation, abuse and living for the short term self have all led to major trauma, which has created a society of people who perpetuate harm to ourselves and one another as a way of coping with the set ups we have. The set ups that DON'T work for our better, long term interests but instead work for the short term interests of a select few.

So why are we like this? Why have we developed so many systems that suck and harm? Why is consensus reality so harsh?

Today I want us to consider that our consensus reality was built upon our EXPERIENCE with real reality. Which, for most of human history, has been really harsh.

I want to explore the realities of how deeply traumatized humanity has been by reality itself - a reality that again due to our industrialization most of us don't interact with much on a day to day basis.

There's a reason we've developed painful systems, as well as a reason why so many of us feel we have no connection to real reality - and it's not because we're evil or shameful.

Let's explore today why our relationship with real reality has been so harsh, why we've come to be such a harsh species, and why this capacity to create harmony is actually quite NEW and something we are still growing into.




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