Why The “You Can Transcend Suffering” Teaching Is A Grift, Not A Spiritual Teaching

I've said it before, and I know I'm going to say it again a million times before I die;

There's no such thing as fully transcending suffering in this human lifetime.

There is absolutely such a thing as getting BETTER in this life.

There is 100% such a thing as overcoming what was once a chronic obstacle in our lives.

There is getting to a place where the things that used to really hurt, no longer hurt. Where we integrate a past experience in a way where all we have left is a scar, and we no longer have a wound.

We can 100% work to develop our minds, bodies and spirits in a way where the challenges of life feel LESS challenging, where we have greater levels of emotional and mental fortitude.

We can learn tools and techniques for supporting ourselves THROUGH our lives in a way that creates a sense of ease generally speaking.
Again, better is almost always possible on some level.

But, getting to a place where we NEVER feel pain again, where we NEVER struggle again, where we NEVER feel suffering or loss or face tragedy, where we are ALWAYS able to have positive feelings or are able to 'see the bigger picture' in some way, shape or form - isn't a reality.

There are many, many spiritual/self help/personal growth teachers out there who are selling the idea of transcendence, and they have endless supplies of customers because we all want to believe that full transcendence of pain is possible.

We are a humanity that really struggles with 'black and white thinking.' We are prone to feeling like if we don't have a PERFECT solution, that this means we're going to be stuck in pain and suffering forever. We are a humanity that struggles to accept the idea of small change over time. We are a humanity that really wants to believe that there's some way to permanently soothe all of our existential dread and to get rid of all of our vulnerabilities - and thus, we are incredibly vulnerable to people who are willing to act like they have discovered the 'secret sauce' to a permanent state of bliss.

We're also a culture deeply programmed to blame ourselves when these programs of transcendence don't work for us. Rather than questioning the teacher or teaching - we assume that WE must have done something wrong if we're not reaching those states of ultimate bliss/freedom - and again in that we get re-sucked in to paying for these programs that can never work.

We live in a culture where the people selling transcendence continually fail to deliver on their promise - but they convince us so deeply that it's possible and that what they're selling is true - because we WANT to believe it! - that no matter how much the product fails, it always has a return customer base who think the failure was the consumers fault.

Today, I want to help us break out of this grift - I want to help us come to a state of seeing reality - that there's no transcendence, only a 'better' - and to help us start to recognize a grift when we see it, so that we're not perpetually blaming OURSELVES for a program that doesn't work.


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