Why There’s No Such Thing As Being Bad At Healing

Hello Beautiful!

Have you ever felt like you may just be BAD at healing?

Like you're holding yourself back from the life you really want, sabotaging yourself for no REAL reason, not doing what you should be doing to heal- and that this is all a sign of your weakness?

Have you ever felt like you should be making more progress in your healing than you are, given the tools, resources, awareness and support you have? That you should be maturing faster? Becoming wiser more quickly? Changing your habits more than you are?

Have you ever felt that you're simply choosing (for some reason) to stay stuck, to stay small, to stay in your coping, numbing and self sabotage - even though you KNOW better and even though you have tools to help you not do these things?

Have you ever looked at the progress other people are making and assumed that you just suck, are weak, lazy, broken, aren't trying hard enough or are generally just a BAD person because you're not making the same progress?

Have you been told by others that with the amount that you know, that you're being helped, that you're being supported that you SHOULD be doing better and that it's because of YOU that you aren't?

If so, today's video is for you.

The truth is, no one is bad at healing. No one is just choosing to hold themselves back from something that is ACTUALLY better for no reason. No one is coping, numbing, self sabotaging or seemingly making their own lives terrible for no reason.

We are more than our intellect, and there's more to the story of healing than just having awareness, tools or support.

You can't be bad at healing. If you're not seeing the progress you want there's a reason for that - let's dive in and get clarity so you can stop feeling shame and start feeling better.