Why Valuing Your Skills Is A Major Key To Fulfilment and Success

One of the things that I feel is so vital to success and fulfillment, whether you are running a business, teaching yoga or just in life in general is the importance of owning your worth. I can tell you from experience that when you seriously start to own and value what you have to offer, it will supercharge everything you offer this world and it will also create a new level of freedom and joy in your life.

You are a summation of all of your knowledge, trainings, experiences, perspectives and personality and the unique combination that you posses is only yours. This means that if you don't offer what you have to offer in the way you have to offer it, it will never be offered. Ever. So by not owning your value you are not only holding yourself back, but you are holding those that are here to learn from you back.

But how the heck do you get from not valuing yourself and your skills to valuing yourself? Through my experience, it is the process of reframing what you are thinking that will get you there. So lets dive in and look at the most common thought patterns that may be blocking you from owning your worth and how to change them.

Value Blocking Thought #1: “I'm not educated enough.”

There is always someone who can learn from you. You know that saying “there's always going to be someone richer than you, prettier than you, smarter than you”? That same thinking applies here - there's always going to be someone more educated than you. This means that the reverse is also true. There's always going to be someone to whom you can offer your special something too because we are all at different points on our path. You can also think of it this way: if someone with a Phd in Chemistry came into a grade 3 class and tried to teach them what he knew, those poor kids would be very confused. Those grade three kids need grade 3 science. They are not yet at a level where the PHD student could offer them anything from his level of understanding. Your level of expertise only really needs to be one notch above the level of the person you're speaking too, otherwise they may not be able to connect with you and you with them. Know that your current level of education is the perfect level for the people you're meant to be working with right now and as you progress in your education, you will be able to relate to a different level of people.

Value Boosting Thought Reframe: “ I have the exact level of education that aligns me with the exact clients I should be working with right now.”

Value Blocking Thought #2: “I don't have the money to be “Pro”.”

This is one of those chicken before the egg situations. It's like when a person can't get a job because they don't have enough experience, but they can't get experience because they can't get a job. You may be thinking that you can’t afford a bunch of professional resources until your business is making money, but you can’t make money until your business looks professional. Or you may feel like you have not been "at it" long enough to consider yourself an expert. The truth is professionalism is a state of mind. It's not necessarily about how things look, or how long you have been doing what you are doing.  Professionalism shines through in the quality of your content.

Being a Pro means you only offer your best insights on your Youtube channel even if you can afford fancy video equipment.

Being a pro mean that your blog if filled with amazing tools for your readers even if you can't afford a fancy website.

Being a pro means making every piece of jewelry you make with the mindset that it's going to somebody you really care about.

There are lots of people out there who have the financial ability to make their stuff look really great, but are full of hot air in the end. Focus on your content and do everything to the best of your ability in this moment and watch how life unfolds perfectly for you.

Value Boosting Thought Reframe: “I produce the highest quality content I can at this time and people can sense that”.

Value Blocking Thought #3: “There are so many other people doing what I'm doing.”

No one can do what you can do. Consider this: what if there was only one newscaster and, after that no one else ever broadcasted the news. This would be a major problem because that one newscaster could only broadcast so much information and billions of people would be without relevant news. It is the same with what you have to offer. Sure, there may be a lot of other life coaches, writers, farmer and poets out there, but only you can produce what is unique to you. Also, remember that the people who watch Jerry Springer are probably not the same people who watch Oprah. They are both host talk shows but appeal to widely differing audiences. You are going to be attractive to the crowd that resonates with you and your experiences.

Value Boosting Thought Reframe: “What I offer is unique to me and will be in alignment the needs of my audience/customers”.

Value Blocking Thought #4: “I don't have enough experience yet.”

This is a major triping point for those who are just getting started on their path and one of the most common excuses for not getting started at all.

Here's the deal: you have to actually start to get experience and there's no way around it.

Just like we mentioned in point two, there's always someone who knows less than you and needs what you have. By starting, you put yourself on a trajectory where you will gain the experience that you need. By doing nothing, you guarantee that you will stay where you are. By starting and offering what you have to offer right now, you guarantee that you will gain the experience you need for each step along the way. Nobody starts out as an expert and you will learn as you go. That's the magic in it. How boring would life be if you already knew everything you needed to know and had no where to grow?

Value Boosting Thought Reframe: “I have the exact level of experience that I need in order to take my next steps and to serve the people who need me right now and I know that I will get the experience as I offer what I have in this present moment”.

Value Blocking Thought #5: “Owning my worth makes me egotistical.”

In my practice as a life coach, I hear this over and over again, not only with regards to business but in relation to owning your value in general. Somewhere along the line, our society got a twisted view about what is true owning of your worth and what is prideful or cocky. Here's what you need to know: the person that is truly owning their value, who knows what they have to offer is great, is not going to be egotistical because the ego is only birthed form a belief of inadequacy. When you believe you're not good enough, you either cower in a corner or you put on a grand show to make others believe you are good enough because you feel if others believe your valuable than you are valuable. When you KNOW that you're worthy, you don't have to act like it. You don't need other people to approve of you, and you don't need to put on a big show. Owning your value means that you will be secure in what you have to offer, will be far less afraid of what other people think and therefore what you produce will be in alignment with your heart. And that's the sweet spot.

Value Boosting Thought Reframe: “By truly owning my value, I will be freed from the ego and will be better able to live from my heart-space”

So, how are you going to re-frame your value blocking thoughts for those that are value boosting?

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  • Grace says:

    Hi, I found your website from a link off of The Fitnessista. This post was so helpful to me as I’m interviewing for a marketing position in the health/wellness industry that I’m super passionate about, but don’t have much direct experience in yet. The pressure to produce high quality blogs, videos and photos can be so overwhelming, but it’s comforting to remember that my content is the best it can be right now and it will speak to people if I stay passionate.

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      HI Grace! So happy you are here 🙂 You are so right! Stick to what is authentic to you right now, and you will always find others who need to hear what you have to offer. People can sense a genuine share and I really feel that is what makes all the difference. Think of the Fitnessista, she is totally in her own voice, speaking from where she is at now and there are thousands of people who learn from her every day. Be you, that is really the best and most powerful thing you can do. xoxo

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