Why We Hold Onto The Idea That We Are Evil And Resist Self Compassion

I've said it before and I'll say it again - this self love path isn't for everyone, and it's not for the faint of heart.

To come into the realization that people aren't bad, that we aren't inherently flawed, that we aren't deeply sinful or otherwise deserving of punishment - is something that most people are going to resist for the rest of their lives.

To come to the realization that humans are simply flawed beings who are all doing their best given the circumstances, education, intellect, bodies and histories they've lived through isn't something most people want to have to accept.

To realize these things about OURSELVES is an incredibly challenging task - as we've been trained to see evil, flaw, harm and 'bad parts' in ourselves from day one, and we've been trained that the only way to ever get rid of our pain and suffering is to get rid of the 'bad parts of ourselves' that are CAUSING our pain and suffering.

We've been trained to see our pain as being the result of some flaw within us - and we've been trained to look for the relief of pain via the avenues of trying to fix, change, augment or otherwise alter ourselves so that we will one day have the hope of feeling better.

To realize that humans are inherently innocent and that all the harm we cause ourselves and one other is due to multiple factors, none of which are realizing that we are inherently evil, is even HARDER when we then have to look out at OTHERS and see THEIR innocence.

To realize that others aren't evil means that we can't so easily put up a barrier between ourselves and 'those bad people out there.' Which can make us feel INCREDIBLY uncomfortable for a whole plethora of reasons.

When we try to consider that all beings are innocent in their core, we're going to find resistance because this idea rips SO many rugs out from under us - rugs that we're all holding onto in the hopes of a better, happier, less painful future.

In the long run, realizing our innocence and the innocence of others does give us a level of freedom that shame, blame and guilt never can. 

But in the short term? It's pretty uncomfortable and there will be LOTS of resistance.

Let's take today to dive into all the reasons WHY we resist the idea that humans are inherently good, why we resist this path of self love, and how we can work with ourselves to find ways to overcome this resistance.


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