Why We Will NEVER Find Perfect Safety – Where Self Love Helps With Reality

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If we're honest with ourselves, most of us will confess to the fact that we often feel a sense of deep insecurity. 

We feel a sense of not being safe, not being good enough, not trusting that the future will be ok. We fear illness, suffering, loneliness in life, and at the same time we fear death because no matter what we believe, we can't ever really KNOW what's going to happen until it's already happened.

We struggle with the ever present uncertainty that comes along with being alive - watching as the world continues to shift and change around us at all times, leaving us feeling that no matter how secure we try to make our lives, something always comes up as a threat to that security.

Most of our spiritual, personal growth, self help and even self love work comes with an underlying message that if you do the 'right' things, become the right kind of person, change your mind/spirit/emotions enough - that THIS will lead to the ULTIMATE freedom - the feeling of knowing you're always safe, loved, protected and beyond death.

Most of our mainstream messages around success, being popular, being famous, being attractive and so on are all centered around the idea that if you measure up to the standards of culture that in THIS you will find perfect safety/freedom.

Many of our healing modalities tell us that if we get our health JJJUUUSSSTTT right, we will be safe and secure. It's the same with those that tell us we need to find ideal relationships, vocations or purpose.

We may even be in a place where we expect that if we do our self love work perfectly - if we learn to become our own safe place enough - that THIS will make it so that we never feel existential dread or fear ever again.

But is this possible? Can we ever 'transcend' the human condition so much that we DON'T feel fear for the future ever again? Can we ever feel fully safe, comforted and secure in this life?

That's what I want to explore today. Let's dive in and see if there's any way of escaping this part of the human condition, or if finding peace within it is actually the answer we're looking for.



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  • Mary Anne says:

    Dearest Aliyah….I have been wanting to write you a note and this offering to us makes it impossible for me not to🥰! Wow….thank you! I loved every word….I am able to hear your words now and truly let their wisdom nourish me. I find myself growing, changing and evolving in the most loving of ways…. including myself💚. Yesterday was so lovely and poignant. A piece of an experience I longed for came to fruition in a friend of our family coming for a visit. A drop in Christmastime visit….I was baking cut-out Christmas cookies….using the recipe Chris (MyBelovedDeceasedSon) brought to me from his bus driver in the mid 90’s. Such a sweet story as he in his sweet boy way told me how he would love me just to try this new recipe because it was so good….”even better than yours mom”…..Beloved💝. Mike is a friend of my oldest son…we keep in touch sporadically…always pick up where we left off….and could talk for hours….a blessing. There are parts of Chris’ Story that Mike was/is a part of. Tom went out to put up a Christmas lights and I had the chance to have time to talk with Mike one on one….really Aliyah…..the details only matter to me the most….Chris’ mom….but distilling our words they very much reflect the beautiful message I received from you on the same day💝! My experiences surrounding and penetrating the death of MyBelovedSon are also becoming distilled…Mike was an important part of that process….the most loving of souls….a gift to me, our family…as you are. Thank you💗🙏🏻🤍. I will always remember telling Chris about you during his time of “trial”….encouraging him to give a listen to your messages. I’m glad I spoke of you to him. Maybe in part because with all my coping mechanisms….with all his coping mechanisms….all our family’s coping mechanisms your message goes beyond all that….offers a way of curiosity and compassion to all who are seeking and we certainly were/are….making room for all the experiences that may come our way on our journey knowing without a doubt there was a way through….where love would be the only “will” that mattered….and even in death…the death of one so Beloved this is true. Love you Aliyah….Merry Christmas MyFriend💚❤️🤍💝🎄

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      Hello and happy season to you Mary Anne! I’m so happy to hear that you are surrounded by people who you feel that deep, timeless connection to. Spending time doing those little, nourishing things, those things that connect you back with your beloved son, those things that remind you that life is sacred just as it is, that YOUR life matters just because it ‘is’ – this is most beautiful. You are so worthy of these moments of peace, joy, connection and love. As you so well stated here, there is love so far beyond what we do in this life to manage what we must manage. As we do the best we can with what we have. There’s only compassion for you. Only love. As there is for all beings forever – in this form and any other.

      Sending you a huge hug Mary Anne <3

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