Why You Can’t Prepare Enough To Never Make A Mistake


One of the hardest things to accept in this life for most of us, is the idea that pain, mistakes, not knowing what to do, falling down and having to figure things out as we go is ALWAYS going to be a part of this lived experience.

In this life, whenever we're trying to heal in a way we've never healed before, trying to grow into something we've never been before, trying to become something we've never become before, trying to establish new, healthier habits or otherwise attempting to change our lives in any way - we're always going to find that the path forward isn't straight-forward.

Many of us get caught in loops of looking for the 'right' way to do things. We look to become as prepared as possible by researching, studying, reading, and otherwise devouring as much information as we can - in the hopes that we can learn enough to know EXACTLY what we're going to face on the path so we never have to make a mistake.

We will look for experts, guides and people who we hope will 'know all the answers' so that we can lean on them - trying to establish a connection with someone or something we hope will help us avoid all pitfalls and have a straight line trajectory to exactly where we want to go.

With this, it can be really easy to get 'stuck' in preparation mode - constantly feeling like we need to learn just a bit more, prepare just a bit more, get more guidance - never feeling like we're 'ready' to start working our way forward because in the backs of our minds we KNOW we can't ever know enough BEFORE we start to avoid all pain.

It can be really easy to get started, 'make a mistake', feel like we failed, fear the pain and then turn back around and assume it was just because we didn't study enough and that the answer is to stop and research more.

A lot of this comes down to the fact that our culture teaches us that mistakes are things that take us 'off the path.' That failure is a weakness. We're not taught how to work WITH the pain of failure and many of us aren't given tools to effectively problem solve. This all leads to a state where we feel constantly afraid to mess up, to fall down, to not know, and where we are blocked from ever making progress because we're looking for a 'perfect path' that doesn't exist.

Today, let's take a look at WHY this perfect path doesn't exist and why in REALITY there are only two ways - the imperfect path of mistakes and learning as we go, or no path at all.

This is a hard one, but it's also really important if we want to learn how to heal or grow in this life.

Mistakes and pain are inevitable in this life - but we can learn to deal with mistakes and pain in a way that gives us empowerment instead of crushing our spirits.


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