Would Anarchy Serve Us Better?

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Now let's wrap up this exploration with some final thoughts and final questions.


How We Live Has Been Decided FOR Us For The Most Part - Even In Seemingly Free Countries:

Those who have been creating the structures and rules for society over many hundreds of years, have decided, for the most part, what the rules are, how to live, what to put into our bodies and what we are going to do with the money we earn at work, what we are going to DO for work (because we want to play by the rules of the game enough that we can have access to the things we need, which they gate-keep).

Our ‘choice’ in the matter is how we want to decorate essentially. What brand of things they have allowed so we want to have? Which regulated substances do we want to consume? We follow the laws because not doing so isn’t really a choice. And SO much of this coercion is fully centered on our bodies and what we choose to do with them.

This isn’t to say that all government regulation is bad.

That all law enforcement is bad.

Not at all.

In fact, in many cases, having enforcement keeps us SAFE.

Many things we’re coerced into doing are actually things that serve the whole.

The idea that we should all be able to do whatever we see fit - I don’t think any of us would want to live in that world. Because our choices affect the whole. We’re not all correct about what’s happening and what’s best. We’re all blind in areas, and acting from our relative perspectives which erase the perspectives of others. Some of us fantasize about anarchy believing without government humanity would all collectively agree on what would work for us best and we’d all just...do that. I think most of us can see that this would never play out.

The truth is, unregulated, unchecked - we see what that leads to. Rampant climate change denial. Profit motivating everything. Large groups of people being ‘othered’ and then scapegoated and exploited. So much of the corruption we see in the world right now is a direct result of the fact that certain people DON’T have to play by the rules - and they are most certainly NOT choosing what would be best for all of us.

I know we want to believe in the goodness of humanity, but right now those IN power and those who are exempt from the rules are directly demonstrating to us that humans, right now, are selfish. They go for power and immediate payoff over humanitarianism and what works for the collective. We are watching what happens when humans get to just do whatever they want, and it isn’t great.

We don’t all agree on what’s best for humanity and thinking that if we had no forces regulating things we would exist in some utopia is a lie.

Again I totally want to believe that we would do the right thing by one another and ourselves, but we really aren’t demonstrating that.

Certain people do.

Certain groups do.

It’s not everyone. 

We would need a HUGE redistribution of power and resources so that no one person/group had so much access - and access that INHIBITS the access of others - to see what we would all do with an equal playing field where no one had the power to make or break us - if we had THAT, anarchy may be able to play itself out.


But that’s just a theory.

How things are set up right now, knowing that some people will ALWAYS be stronger and more capable of acquiring more for themselves than others, and being able to use that power to control others, leads me to believe that without structure, we would just re-creating this, or worse. As much as the control structures we have SUPPORT this exploitation, to a degree, they also regulate it and again, if we didn’t have that, we’d have dictatorships.

We’d have chaos that would affect EVERYONE - no matter how hard you were trying to be upstanding your culture would impact you. We all suffer the consequences of the choices of those around us to a degree. Like it or not we all rely upon those around us and collective systems to survive and thrive. We’re not independent and we have to cooperate to a degree to get things to function. Without someone organizing things, society as large as ours simply couldn’t operate.

Something To Consider About The Coercion In Society:

The worst part is, and I’m just going to speak for myself here and you can decide if this is relevant for you, I BENEFIT from this system of coercion.

That’s part of the reason I don’t generally fight against it - because in so many ways it’s set up to protect people like me. It’s set up to make it so that people who have less than I do, who haven’t been given adequate resources and investment in order to be able to work for what I have, who simply don’t care about ‘fair’ - can’t come for my stuff.

It’s set up in a way that I’m protected from even SEEING the plight of those less fortunate than I am, because they can’t even enter the same general territories I occupy.

My bodily autonomy and the fiction of my ownership is fully upheld by this system of coercion. That’s why, generally, I don’t complain. I don’t get upset about it. I maybe don’t even see that this is the reality because it works for me on so many levels. It means I have access to things others don’t, it means I’m protected from the free will of others who would like to use that free will to harm me or take my things, it means that, to a degree, the people around me HAVE to look out for me in a way through following laws that make them do so. It means that even though people don’t always AGREE on what’s best for me, they kinda have to do it - lest their bodily autonomy be threatened.

I’m not used to being told that what’s best for the whole requires something from me.

I’m not used to being told that what’s best for the whole requires I do something I wouldn’t CHOOSE to do.

I’m not used to being told that what’s best for the whole requires that I listen to experts who know more than I do, who have a different perspective than I do.

I’m not all that used to feeling like I HAVE to determine a SHORT TERM solution for what is undoubtedly a large and systemic problem - because of COURSE I want to think SYSTEMICALLY - but that’s not always practical in the short term.

The bottom line here is, I don’t really feel like I can make a call on what’s happening right now - why it’s happening, what the outcomes will be - because it’s so huge. There are so many factors I don’t see or that I don’t understand. And that’s part of living in such a huge collective. It’s always going to be confusing to a degree.

The point here is, how does a government who has to look over its people at least to SOME degree (because in the systems of relative democracy we have, you can’t just be a dictator outright) without succumbing to the use of FORCE to get people to do what’s collectively best - when we know we aren’t ever going to get a collective to AGREE on what’s best, or to agree to DOING what’s best?

When people will ALWAYS be able to manipulate the system to rig it in their favor, who can then control those who control us? How do we really KNOW when what’s best for the whole does require a personal sacrifice?

How do we convince a population that is used to being ‘free’ to do whatever they please, that a public health initiative isn’t evil - when we’ve been shown over and over again that people in positions of authority DON’T care for us, and DO want to harm us/exploit? How do we get to a consensus on something so complex?

Let alone a solution for something so complex?

To pretend most of how we conduct ourselves in society isn't all being enacted through threat of FORCE is to not be looking very hard. I don’t know how much coercion we ‘need’ to keep order - how much would we as a society CHOOSE to do what’s best for all of us if we didn’t have to? This is a big question. And when we don’t have much of a consensus reality on what the ‘right thing’ is most of the time, we can see that trying to get people to willingly do what's best for the whole would be hard. Due to all of this, how do we tell the difference between coercion to do something that's ultimately good for the collective and what's overreach or even an abuse of power?

I’m again not trying to convince anyone that what’s happening now is nefarious OR benevolent - because I don’t personally believe it’s either/or. I think there’s a lot of grey here. I think there’s a LOT of good and a LOT of bad and I think everyone is trying to do their best. I think this is showing us some things about ourselves we’d rather not have to look at. I think this is stirring up a LOT and we’re all being triggered in a million different ways - and maybe THAT is a really good thing.

We are already living a life of being coerced.

Again, I’m failing to see how this is any kind of change or escalation. It’s different and we’re not acclimatized to it, but it’s not new.

If we’re feeling these restrictions really heavily right now, it may be an opportunity to look at just how much you’ve been privileged by the society we usually live in, and to look at the degrees to which you already have offered your autonomy for the perks of freedom within civilization.

It’s an opportunity for us to really grapple with the REALITIES that there will ALWAYS be people who can use their force to control others. So what do we do with that?

I know we want to believe in an evolved humanity that makes the right choices - but I don’t see us being very close to that at present. So what do we want instead that’s practical?

These are some good questions.



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