Y.A.I.A – Why Doesn’t My Own Love Feel As Good As External Love?

By June 19, 2020Y.A.I.A

Hello Lovely!

Have you ever attempted to love yourself, to show up for yourself in a place of trauma, fear, anger, depression, sadness, confusion, hopelessness, pain or suffering - only to find that no matter how hard you try, your love simply doesn’t feel as good as getting love from someone else?

Have you ever felt that even when you try your best to validate yourself, to tell yourself it’s ok to be who and what you are, to hold space for yourself - that you never actually ‘feel’ better, safer or more seen - and end up continuing to look outside yourself?

If so, you are not alone. Today I am going to explore WHY your own love doesn’t feel as good as external love right now, why that’s totally normal, and the process of getting to a place where your love DOES feel as good as external love (or better!)

Have a listen and let me know what you think!



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