You Are Not What’s Broken In Our World

Hello Beauty!

If you haven't noticed yet - there's a theme to all the work I put out.

That theme is - you're not broken. You're not messed up.

SO much of our self help/spirituality/personal growth teachers and teachings revolve around fixing the individual.

Fixing our anxiety and depression. Fixing our broken bodies/relationship with food/wellness. Fixing our broken minds and perceptions. Fixing our broken selves that can't manifest abundance or find our purpose. Fixing our relationship problems. Fixing, fixing, fixing these things that are broken about US that make it so that we aren't 'succeeding' in the system.

In my personal opinion - most of this is total and utter bullshit.

I truly believe that *most* of our mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, existential, financial, and SOCIAL issues are NOT being caused by personal failing/lack/choice - but rather are being caused by a SYSTEM that is fundamentally set up AGAINST life.

I believe that SO MUCH of what we are being told is the 'right way to live' is FULLY harmful, abusive, exploitive - and that we are RESPONDING to this with all of our pain, crisis and inability to 'make it work.'

I believe that we are being gaslit by the people who are seemingly profiting from the system into believing we need to fix OURSELVES rather than seeing the truth - we need to be calling for and creating a new system.

Our current systems of wealth, production, consumption, finding purpose and meaning - all of them are built on lies.

THIS is why we have anxiety/depression/health issues/poverty/pain.

Not because we suck, because the system sucks.

For me, until we can stop blaming ourselves for not being able to hack it in a system that's set up to harm, we aren't going to be able to create something that actually works. We have to let go of the narrative that we are broken and in need of fixing if we want to solve the crisis that we face on this planet.

This is my most important message. I hope you'll take the time to listen and really consider that you may not be broken, that your pain is wisdom, and that you learning to trust yourself IS the way we're going to create a new world.

Check out the video below for more on this.

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  • Mary Anne says:

    …..who I thought I was has been so wounded, because it is who I still am…a mother…I question everything I have done in my life…every expectation I had, everything I assumed, everything I accepted, did my child perceive any of my actions as rejection?….I will say this, I now know, ‘you can’t do what you can’t do’. The thing I have never questioned is the Love I have for my children or their love for me. In this wonder of oneness….we are not alone. The shadow and the substance coexist…I came across this quote from Sojourner Truth, “I sell the Shadow to Support the Substance”. I find myself doing the same. My own social media gig. I took a 19 month exit from Facebook….and I’ve been back the same now….starting in 2009. It is a way to express. Mostly I do it with pictures….carefully chosen words. Not my own. These words express my thoughts….🤗. My childhood and teen years were okay…filled with the both/ands of life. I believe my life turned out how I wanted it to. I wanted to be independent of my parents, married, have meaningful work, stay married, have children with my husband, have close relationships with friends and family, serve others, believe and express in the God of my understanding. My second son, Christopher took a permanent detour from his earthly path….I followed Chris on that detour to the doors of Paradise. Did Jesus say, “Today you will be with me in Paradise”? I hope he said this to Chris….I believe he did. I find in spite of my profound depression, anxiety and grief I also have joy. Joy that I got to be Chris’ mom…I had to work on this for many months…the gratefulness of being his mom because of the pain his Transitus caused every part of my being….for a time I wished I had never been his mom….do we choose who our mothers are? One of my spiritual mentors believes so. Did Christopher choose me….did he know I would walk him Home in every way? I believe in everything you say about “world systems”….I have confronted the US government and a government supporting organization(s), mental health, law….I have also worked with these organizations to help my son and others….it’s both/and. Christopher is no longer with us in form…a form I am working to detach from with love….I have to he is not here. Chris did give me a message through a friend….he told his mom that Tom and Mary’s son….”is okay and doing good”. This is exactly what I say to people who ask me how I am….’I am okay and doing good’….good meaning God alone is good and I endeavor to do “good” here….as does Chris still now….I believe he IS OKAY and DOING GOOD💗.

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      The depths of your journey Mary, I know I can’t truly ever understand. But I am here with you. Reading these words. Reading your questions and your answers. Seeing that you have felt so much, and will feel so much. It IS ok to be doing ok. More than ok. You’re doing so much with what you’ve gone through, you’re choosing to let it expand you even when it could have shut you down forever. If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is. You are worthy of this love. I see you in your pain too Mary. There’s nothing wrong with you. Thank you for being here, for sharing, for expressing, for being MARY. I am always, always in awe of you. <3

  • Mary Anne says:

    I wonder if I submitted my words to you?💗

  • Mary Anne says:

    ….🤗….you are MyJoy💗🙏🏻💐….we are the best of pen pals…thank you so much…I am so grateful to you….let’s encourage each other “this day”….Soli Deo gloria….of our understanding🤗….

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      YES! I love connecting with you here so much. You are amazing, your light shines so bright. Every day, and always <3

  • Mary Anne Hoffman says:

    ….perhaps detours are yet another perception…..🤗…..will read Monday Musings….good wishes💐

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