You Don’t Have To Resolve To be Different Next Year In Order To Grow

Hello Friend!
As we round the corner to the new year, the pressure is going to be coming from all sides to 'be better.'
To do better next year. To step more into our truth. To be more self loving. To get rid of those habits of self sabotage and neglect.
We're going to be bombarded with messages that tell us that who we are right now, what we're doing, how we're living and what we accomplished last year aren't enough, and how we need to get on a new, better, more powerful track next year.
There will be all this promise of a fresh start, a new you, a better year ahead.
Now, I'm not here to tell you that none of this is helpful or that there isn't any inherent value here. If you're feeling awesome with the resolutions path, please carry on!
But if you're feeling stressed, anxious, like you have little energy or enthusiasm, that there's an incredible amount of pressure on you to 'be better' - than this video is for you.
If you're wondering where the genuine desire for growth and a fresh start 'fits' into a self love path - this video is for you.
If you don't want to set a resolution at all, but you DO want to set yourself up for a year of more self love ahead - this video is for you.
Today I want to explore a new perspective we can take on the new year, one that does set us up to be self supportive as we move into the new year, but that doesn't trigger us into a state of feeling like we suck now or that we have to 'do and be better' next year.
There's a middle ground that can feel really nice. Let's go there together today.

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  • Mary Anne Hoffman says:

    OhYesThis…so do we continue to evolve, grow, and expand after our heart beats it’s last beat and our lungs breathe their last breath? Have described Chris’ death as his Transitus….meaning to me he continues to evolve, grow and expand. I believe he does. Miss him so…you have helped my hard days of grief during this week. I Am beginning to understand what it is…forever…”God” perhaps is the most bereaved parent of all. Chris had the best sense of humor..he loved to laugh…can hear his laugh now…see his joyous beautiful face. Miss him so much💗. Love your sense of humor, too🤗. Happiness in the New Year MyFriendAliyah…staying tuned😘😘🥰…watched the mass from my beloved Cathedral this morning…the reading from Luke mentions from the age of 12 until Jesus started his ministry at 30….He GREW….that’s all we know from the Bible’s account of his life through all those years….may it be so with ALL. LoveUGirl💖

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      Sending you all my love for the year ahead Mary! You are truly, truly loved, always. And that love is always growing <3

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