You Don’t TRANSCEND Or GET RID OF ‘Bad Parts’ – In Fact, You Grow Them

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Most of us believe that in order to become our higher selves, in order to achieve our goals, in order to get out of the pain we're in, in order to 'get rid of' our bad habits - we are going to have to OVERCOME or DIMINISH or DEFEAT some aspect of ourselves/our conditioning/our belief systems.

We are told over and over again via self help/spirituality that in order to grow, heal, mature, become - we must dissociate from, disconnect from, diminish, choke out, kill, deny or otherwise get rid of the part of ourselves that is holding us back.

We're constantly bombarded with messages that tell us that these parts 'aren't who we really are' and that it's just a matter of healing/fixing/getting rid of them that will liberate us to step into our TRUE selves - the versions of us that are fully aligned, happy, peaceful, productive, successful, spiritual and accomplished.

The reality?

This is the EXACT opposite of the truth.

The reality?

The 'higher self' you're trying to become, the version of you that's who you think you're supposed to be - is the version of you that has GROWN, MATURED and NURTURED the parts of you that are 'holding you back' right now.

You can't become who you're capable of becoming by getting RID of parts of yourself. That's like thinking you're going to get rid of bricks in order to build a stronger castle. It's like saying you're going to cut off your weak muscles so that you can lift your weights better. It's like saying you're going to cut out your kidney so that your liver can function better.

The idea that there are broken parts of us that need to be reduced further or diminished completely is the EXACT reason so many of us never fully feel that we've 'become' ourselves, and that we are trapped in loops of self sabotage, coping, numbing and other self defeating behaviors.

Let's talk about why turning this whole concept of getting rid of parts of self on its head is reality, and how we can start to use this new vantage point to ACTUALLY walk towards the being that we truly are.



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