Your Passion/Purpose Will Never Fulfill You

Hello Beautiful!

If our culture has a main obsession - that obsession would have to be around finding our 'purpose.'

We're told from basically ALL directions - secularism, capitalism, spirituality, self help, personal growth - you name it - that the MAIN thing we need to be doing has humans is finding our 'purpose', what we are 'here to do', what 'lights us up', what our special 'genius' is - so that we can then go out and DO that in the world.

In purely consumerist language we're taught that in order to be valuable in society we have to be productive. We have to be doing something of worth in order to be worthy of having our needs met. We're taught that if we just 'increase our market value' by uplevelling how hard/much we work, by creating something innovative, by sacrificing whatever we have to sacrifice to make our careers as 'successful' as possible - we will feel GOOD. Safe. Accomplished. We will have been a success.

In the spirituality and self help world we are delivered the same message just dressed in a different costume. We're told that we are unfulfilled, that we don't feel alive or whole, that we feel numb or empty because we don't know what our 'special gifts' are. We're told that the biggest reason we suffer in life is because we haven't figured out what our true Divine calling is, our blueprint, what that thing that only WE have to offer the world is - and that once we find this thing, all of a sudden all of the blessings of abundance and love and success will just 'flow' to us - and again in this we will be happy.

But what if all of this is mostly a lie?

What if finding our 'purpose' won't actually fulfill us?

What if the thing that's missing in our lives isn't just a successful career?

What if this is all just different ways of indoctrinating us into believing that our systems of over consumption and production are 'good' and that they can fill that void that all of us feel - when in reality it is these very systems that cause us to NEVER see what the void ACTUALLY is or how to fill it?

Let's talk today about why even in finding your purpose, you aren't going to find ultimate peace. Why figuring out how to monetize your passion isn't always a direct route to abundance, and why there is SO MUCH MORE to being human than just figuring out how to make your work enjoyable.