Approval Is The Matrix: Liberation In Layman’s Terms

Hello Lovely!

Today we are going to talk about awakening from the Matrix. But this is NOT going to be your typical 'awakening' talk.

I'm going to explain, as best as I can, why our base program that love = provision is the REASON we are all trapped in the following:

Not being able to be our true selves/not knowing who we truly are
Feeling like we don't know how to meet our own needs
Constantly chasing self improvement/trying to become our 'higher selves' and never feeling like we arrive
Constantly feeling like we aren't good enough no matter how much we accomplish
Coping, numbing, scapegoating and self sabotaging
Dark emotional states we can't ever seem to heal/fix/transcend
World systems of abuse, exploitation and inequality
I'm going to explain why learning to love yourself even if others don't is the KEY to breaking out of all of the above, and is the entry point to learning from REAL REALITY. Which is what we ACTUALLY want. I'm going to explain that awakening isn't a moment where you feel like you 'know everything,' but rather is a liberation from the false nervous system program that tells us that as soon as we are APPROVED OF we will be happy/safe. In this revelation, we can finally start to figure life out, figure ourselves out and in THIS find that we can PROBLEM SOLVE. We will find our security in our capacity to figure things out as we go.
We're going to look at why 'ego death' is real but not what most people think it is. Why facing reality is so scary at first, and why we see that 'waking up' looks so different for everyone.

Let's go deep today folks. You ready?