Could We Be Searching For Something DEEPER Than Just ‘Abundance?’

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#6 It’s often times (and sometimes unintentionally/unconsciously) predatory: Finally, these ‘I’ll teach you how to step into your potential/true gift and that will automatically mean you step into abundance’, ‘I’ll teach you to manifest abundance through changing your money mindset’ ‘I’ll teach you how to teach others how to manifest abundance’ - it’s all using manipulation to sell a fantasy that we KNOW people will willingly buy and believe.

It’s looking at where culture seriously DOES have a hole where true self awareness should be, where true community should be, where true spirituality should be, where true purpose should be, where connection to the greater world and nature should be, where actual equity and a chance at a good life should be, where being able to earn enough to live without having to sacrifice your entire life/being in order to so should be, where opportunity should be - and saying ‘here, fill that hole with money.


My 30 day program.

My $4000 ‘I’ll teach you how to manifest abundance/be an abundance coach/take your business to the next level’ one on one coaching.

The promise of all your problems going away when you just ‘find yourself and by extension your special gift that will then make you rich. Telling you that ANYONE can simply step into all the wealth the universe is just waiting to dump in your lap if you just get your money mindset right, clear your blocks, fix your perspective of yourself or find your passion and purpose.

Again, this goes against the laws of nature and reality, as well as going against the actual SYSTEMS we have. This goes against everything we KNOW about what actually fulfills and satisfies a human being. It goes against what we in the spiritual community should have as base knowledge.

Identification with the 3D world isn’t where it’s at.

Not to say we should disidentify. Not to say we should pretend we are spirits floating around. Not to say that finding your ‘thing’ and having some purpose and doing something you find meaningful in exchange for resources ISN’T important - it’s just so far from 'everything.' It’s a small, small part of what makes this life worth living.

Also the reality is not everyone is going to be rich in this system of economics we have. It doesn’t matter how much you actualize, how much you change your mindset, how much inner work you do or how hard you hustle - there are actual structures in place that again, favor the few at the cost of the many. It’s not possible for all of us to be rich in this system of capitalism we have. It’s not possible for people to be able to work a reasonable amount and have even a decent life let alone an amazing one. Nature won't allow for this kind of Western Abundance for 8 billion people. There are not enough resources for that. Telling people that ANYONE can get rich, and that it’s a formula is a lie. Plain and simple.

YES most people can do something to better their situation, I’m again not saying we are fully helpless to the systems.

What I am saying is that these ideas prey on people who are suffering the most or who are so bought into culture and believing that their worth has to be reflected in a dollar amount or who believe that security/being able to make an impact comes from hustling and making as much money as possible - and ALL of these people are being fed lies.

People are preying on the fact that our Western lifestyle is SO depleted of meaning and a broader picture, as well as safety and basic human rights for all, and it’s using that longing we all have for something more to convince us that that more we want is material, status, more work, more productivity, more creativity, more generation.

It’s not.

It’s simply not.

We’re dry inside, and the abundance gospel is capitalizing on that.

We want a system that allows for all of us to have a reasonable chance at enough, so we can pursue OTHER things besides wealth generation. THAT would be a system of ACTUAL abundance.

There’s nothing spiritual about any of this. I also know that most people who preach these things have no idea they’re being predatory. They actually think they’re doing a good thing. And for the most part, it’s probably made THEM rich, giving them the illusion that they’ve figured out some ‘master key’ to the universe of abundance that they can then pass on - when in reality, they are telling people they can teach them how to get rich. People are going to invest in that. They’re going to believe it. You’re going to get rich if you can do that with any level of proficiency because people aren’t doing their due diligence to look into YOU, how you got rich, where you came from, and so on. Have the right graphics and hit the right pain points in your copy and you will sell. It’s not magic. It’s desperation.

With this again, I want to make it clear that I’m not promoting poverty. I’m not saying we shouldn’t look to have careers that we feel purposeful in. I’m not saying that those with histories of ACTUALLY not having enough shouldn’t be allowed to come into a state of having enough, so that they can heal that trauma. I’m not saying EVERYONE who’s selling a program claiming they can teach you how to manifest abundance/find yourself is lying. Again, extremes are almost never the answer.

I want to see a world where everyone can have enough, so that everyone has a chance at actual happiness, fulfillment and spiritual connection.

Extreme poverty and extreme wealth don’t seem to be vehicles for this end.

And they need each other to exist in the world we live in today.

So long as we have those with WAY more than they need, we will have the balance of those with WAY less. It’s simply how things work on a planet with limited resources. Also again, the WAY we produce and consume what we do is incredibly destructive. Any industry we look at we can see the exploitation and the unsustainability. Abundance in the Wester sense, with the ways our current systems are set up - is inherently harmful. Balance is what I’m calling for. Not extremes.

Enough is spiritual. Learning to live a life that is harmonious with the rest of life, that’s spiritual. Taking what’s required for a GOOD life, and no more - that’s spiritual. Realizing there’s more to YOU, to life, to everything than what we can hold in our hands or do with our days in terms of ‘offering’ to the world is key. Learning now NOT to take more than you need when you’re in a position to do so is spiritual.

Being willing to constantly re-evaluate your relationship with enough, with the systems of consumption and production, with your capacity to see where you may be contributing to a system that's not helpful and checking out where you can, being willing to take steps, to make progress, to be in a relationship with your own levels of enough - THAT is a spiritual pursuit worth your time and effort. Figuring out what 'enough' is isn't something we 'do' and then maintain forever. It's a process. One that unfolds for the rest of our days. Our needs shift. Our capacities shift. Our awareness shifts. Being willing to be CURIOUS about this for as long as we're alive, being willing to adjust, being willing to see what we didn't before and to change based on that information - THAT'S a spiritual life!

Again not all of us have enough and those who don’t shouldn’t be placed with the burden of having to try to change the systems. It’s always up to us in the middle, with the wiggle room, with the power, to choose to reduce our contribution to the systems that are destroying things. It’s a hard thing to have to educate ourselves on. We’re going to see that we’re causing harm/participating in shitty systems - that we’re BENEFITING from shitty systems - and that’s hard. But it’s vital that we do. So we can stop. So we can be a part of the creation of NEW systems that make more room for more people to have enough.

This ‘I’ll teach you to be abundant stuff’ isn’t spirituality.

It’s predatory capitalism.

The idea that the more money you make the more you can serve people is true only to a point, and then it’s chaos.

In order to have the Western Abundance that we’ve created exploitation MUST exist. Destruction. It’s not sustainable. It’s not natural by any stretch of the imagination. It’s not united with any deeper truth. It’s not going to help you see anything more than the system and how you need to keep breaking yourself to fit into it.

We need new systems to create enough for everyone. THEN we can work on having more than we need. Again, enough doesn’t mean bare minimums and poverty. Enough is enough for a GOOD life. Beyond that, let’s work to redistribute.

A spiritual life involves resources. It involves our potential and purpose. It involves our contribution to the whole. It involves our impact. A spiritual life is rich in many things - but material possessions and money in the bank don’t a spiritual life make. To a point we need enough, beyond that, it’s a distraction.

Let’s just take a step back and really look at what we’re looking at. Really consider the messaging behind it. Really look at what may ACTUALLY be missing if it’s not just more ‘abundance and purpose.’

Let’s not get caught in illusion.



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