Are We Willing To Move Past Religion Into Pragmatic Growth?

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Pattern Recognition Weaved It's Way Into Religious Structures:

We were using our pattern recognition skills to see that oppression was both human centric as well as nature centric. There were so many things that caused those who suffered to suffer - lack of awareness, people dominating, lack of technology - and all of it became roots for spirituality. We prayed for rain and did dances and sang songs before we learned to predict weather patterns. We did rituals and ceremonies to heal, to help people give birth and to support people in death, before we developed the science to understand disease progression, the mechanics of birth and death and how to work with these things. 

At the same time, collectives of people that identified as ‘us’ became larger and larger - with this we saw more and more dominance and oppression. The groups of people at the top started to rule over larger and larger people groups. Oftentimes enslaving their own people, or dominating less powerful groups and enslaving THEIR people.

This is where the Sun God myth really got its wings.

We had created the royalty God, and all the so-called rules that God demanded we follow. There were many many iterations of this God, all created from the vantage point of each group and what they were experiencing, what their rulers and leaders required of their people to stay in power, and what their people generally believed about the nature of suffering and life. These God’s were used as justifications for wars over land, dominance over people, why we got sick, who lived and died and so on. It was a complex evolution upon the superstitions of our early days. But still the same story.

Pray to/worship/perform acts for the being that controls everything, and if you do it right, you will be blessed/delivered from suffering.

Deliverance from dominance, from illness, from natural disaster is a prayer as old as time.

Sin, the idea that we do certain things/don’t do certain things and this is what causes us to be punished by life is also a theme that’s been around forever. Partially due to the fact that we observed that in real reality there ARE consequences from our actions. There is a pattern of ‘when I do this that happens and if I don’t like that I shouldn’t do this.’ This again was majorly projected, and a lot of the time correlations between what got us punished and what got us blessed were made that had no basis in actual reality. Our pattern recognition minds were playing tricks on us.

This is also a reality in our social order, where how accepted/rejected you are by the GROUP can have a serious impact on your life outcomes. Both real reality and consensus reality play into the results we get in our lives.

The bottom line to really get here is, whatever we believed to be the source of our oppression and suffering, there was a God that was going to eventually, if we did all the right things, deliver us. 

The Sun God Of Capitalism:

In our modern times, we live in a capitalist society. We live in a world where those with the most, stay having the most, and are dependent upon the masses to sacrifice greatly in order to create the abundance they have.

Nothing has changed Fundamentally.

Massive accumulation of wealth and power is only possible via the suffering and taking from others.

We’ve started evolving away from the royalty God being the thing that’s going to save us from the sinful and wrongful leaders, into a new kind of spirituality.

We no longer trust institutionalized structures like we used to, and the fear of being stuck into a group and stripped of our individual freedoms causes us to want a decentralized version of our Sun God myth story. Many of us don’t consider ourselves religious or having religious affiliation because we don’t go to a church - but if we dig a little deeper, our spiritual practices still revolve around trying to appease the Gods/vibrations/universe/planets so that they will bless us with what we want - delivering us from suffering into bliss. We’re still playing out the religious patterns, just without feeling boxed into a group. We won’t go for organized and centralized, we want ideas that we feel we can personalize to suit our sacred self. The other part of the new myth.

We now worship at the feet of wealth/status/abundance/sovereignty and personal choice.

We believe that our new leaders - the people in power - are there because they WORKED to get there. They did something great. They are self made. Gone are the days of Divine blessing to rule, now MONEY has blessed people. Making good choices has blessed people. In our world where money = power and social capital, and therefore provision, and public opinion drive SO much of who has and who doesn’t - as well as the fact that we’ve all been indoctrinated to believe that if we all just have the FREEDOM to CHOOSE for ourselves, we will have the CAPACITY to CHOOSE the right thing that will give us our perfect lives - of course the number one enemy is seeming control or a taking away of choice. 

The new God is personal choice, and the new satan is liberty being taken away.

Suffering Sold As Personal Choice/Choice Not Being Available:

We’ve been told that the answer to our suffering is choice. That if we’re poor, addicted, coping, sick, spiritually unfulfilled - the answer is just a new choice away. Self-improvement. You and your lack of good choices are the reason you suffer. So long as you have options to choose something different, there is hope of deliverance. We all essentially believe we just arrived in adulthood and chose to mess up our own lives. That culture is fine, society is fine, our childhoods were normal, governments and institutions are fine, what we have been trained we must do and be is correct - and if we’re struggling, suffering or in any way not able to make it work - it’s a flaw in us. We believe that we can find social acceptance and thus safety through our choices.

Being in.

Being right.

Fitting in.

Doing what culture says to do (whatever our chosen culture group decides on).

Or we deeply distrust the ‘main stream’ but have found some new doctrine to follow. We are deeply committed to SOMETHING or SOMEONE we perceive to have the answers. We are still looking for the savior. Either through self improvement or finding the right guru. 

The 'market' constantly changes what’s in and out to give us reason to keep buying, ever feeling OUT because what’s IN isn’t ever consistent. We’re sold the idea that we can calm our existential dread through choice. Choose the right religion. The right ‘spiritual path.’ Meditate more to ‘awaken to the truth.’ See past the illusion of life and death via a medicine journey. Find your feeling of satisfaction and enoughness/identity through what you own and project out into the social structure. Your clothes, the brands you associate with or don’t, the job you have, the types of relationships you have, your moon sign. The groups you associate with. How we can categorize you. 

We’re sold that anything that appears to be taking away freedom of choice is the Devil. Not lack of social care. Not lack of community interaction. Not lack of working together for the common good. No. That’s all communist bullshit. And having to be a part of the collective has been PAIN for CENTURIES. Being part of the collective meant you were likely ‘lower class’ and this meant suffering. Big time. Oppression. We want to be individuals like those at the top got to be. Freedom comes from CHOICE. We want disclosure on the Evil Elites and how they are ruining our lives through controlling our freedom of choice in covert ways. We don’t want to be forced into any kind of social good. Any kind of actual cooperation.

We.want.liberty to fight for ourselves because THAT is the answer.

The new Sun God - liberty. The new Devil - anything that seems to take away personal choice (that is, any form of taking away personal choice that we’re not already accepting because it’s baked into culture).

We’re repeating ourselves. This seems new. But we are doing what we’ve always done.

The New Sun God Is Packaged And Sold To Us As Freedom:

Capitalism has dressed up this same pattern and sold it to us this time. We pay money for it now. We sacrifice our lives for social status, goods, chasing abundance, our personal SELVES, liberation through the mind - and it’s all the same thing. 

Here, you’re suffering? No problem. THIS IS THE ANSWER. Simple solution. This is the solution. Only $99.99, and it’s customized to YOU. Find your authentic self, step into millions. Heal your traumas and become yourself and you will manifest the love of your life. Find the REAL truth about health, and you will never be sick again. Buy this. Own this. Wear this. Do this. Be in this group. Not like that. Get it right, and you’ll never suffer again. Remember, freedom is just a choice away.

We are praising and worshiping at the altar of whatever seems to be providing abundance, doing rituals around liberty and the breaking of oppression from power groups just like we’ve always done. Nothing has shifted in the roots of what we’re doing. Just the makeup has changed.

Can you see it?

The new God - the sacred self.

The true self.

Your higher self.

Finding your authenticity and connecting with yourself so much that - wallah - you have access to all abundance.

All the tools you need to be celebrated and rewarded with abundance, friends, community and love within our social structure.

The reason you suffer is a disconnection from your own truth and capacity to make good choices.

Our new age spirituality is a mix of capitalist values that tell us that our happiness and freedom can be bought, the idea that individual identity is key to all, and the idea that being cut off from choice is the one disease ruining everything. If you’re sick, it's your fault. Sad. Your fault. Poor. Your fault. Answer? Sacred self. If we just find who we really are, we will be delivered from all suffering. Who we really are may be a deep identification with a self/type/gift OR it may be learning that we aren’t ‘the self’ at all, but are truly the GRAND self. There are two sides of the same pancake with this new Sun God - but it still all comes down to, if we identify with the right self, all will be revealed and we will have bliss forever after.

I AM the ANSWER. The holy self will deliver.

We aren’t seeing the complexity of life and why we suffer any more these days than we ever have. We’re not seeing that total structural change around how we organize society is a must.

We’re not seeing that production and consumption at the cost of human life isn’t working anymore. We’re not seeing that small groups hoarding all the power and wealth is never going to work - and if we DO see that, we still don’t want to give up our OWN potential to be luxuriously wealthy, we just want the wealthy to give away THEIR wealth.

Most of us don’t actually want a system where no one gets rich but everyone gets provided for. And if we do, we’re deeply in the minority, because again, we’ve been trained that it’s survival of the fittest and when push comes to shove, we fear for ourselves. And we choose abundance over the collective. We’re not seeing that community is a part of the answer.

We’re not seeing that while connection to our truth and being authentic is a PART of a real life, it’s not everything. We want an answer, and we want it now - we rile up against anything that seems to take away our personal CHOICE to do whatever we want, even if those changes would actually HELP us (like social welfare as just an example.)

We fear rulers and authority figures now more than ever - partially because we have absolutely good reason to because they have not been looking out for the collective's best interests...ever - and partially because again, we see them as oppressors of freedom. We always have a new enemy to fear - them over there, who are coming to take our things. With their vial ways. Their indecency. Their DOING IT WRONG. We want the right to make our own choices for ourselves, not seeing that in this system, choice is not what’s missing. 

We’re stuck in our loops of every man for himself. We’re stuck in the fear of the fact that we don’t know everything and that the way out of suffering, again, is slow progress via learning what we don’t already know. We’re stuck looking for deliverance, and haven’t allowed ourselves to expand into reality.

There is no deliverance.

Only progress through learning.

Let’s see our patterns, friends.

There is no God that’s going to save us.

It’s going to be us, slowly working it out, one step at a time, together.