Are You Feeling Your Emotions? Or Just Operating From Pattern?


A HUGE part of the self love path is learning how to feel and interpret what our emotions are saying to us.

This is because our emotions really DO hold information for us about our best path forward, what will and won't work for us, what is and isn't in alignment with truth - but the problem is that most of us don't know how to actually ACCESS the information in our emotions, because we've been trained to either completely default to thinking/logic OR we believe we are following our emotions, when in actuality we're following our patterns and our instincts.

Learning how to actually FEEL our feelings, how to know what they are saying, how to make our choices based on their wisdom is NOT an easy task. 

This is because most of us have SO many assumptions about what our emotions mean/what our feelings are telling us that aren't true - that we're not even aware of. We're acting on our assumptions without even considering that there may be another way of looking at things.

Also, we all have nervous systems that will gravitate towards what's FAMILIAR - even if what's familiar isn't healthy - and will feel some 'negative' feelings about anything that's unfamiliar - even if what's unfamiliar is what's best for us. 

Learning to differentiate what feels good because it fits with what we would USUALLY do and what feels good because it's ACTUALLY good for us is really hard work.

Learning to slow down, feel and really QUESTION what we believe our feelings are saying is really hard work.

Emotional mastery is really hard work - but it's not impossible work.

Today we're going to look at how to start noticing when you are moving from pattern/instinct vs. true emotional awareness, and how you can start to build more emotional awareness if this is something you're wanting to learn.

Feeling our feelings is a massive skill, a skill we must build and develop. Because when we do, we will be able to use our feelings to break OUT of our patterns, instead of our feelings continually driving us INTO them.


Getting off of the self improvement path and onto the self love path is hard.

Because everywhere we look in society, we are TRAINED to be in a perpetual state of self improvement.

We're trained to be in a perpetual state of feeling like we aren't enough, like our pain is a reflection of something being 'wrong' with us, like if we are failing to live up to the expectations of those around us that this means that we are flawed, broken and messed up and we're trained to CONSTANTLY feel like we are lacking something - because this is what keeps our society functioning how it functions.

Learning to understand WHY we have the habits we have, why we self sabotage, scapegoat and numb, why we can't seem to 'get it together' in our relationships, health and careers, why we have emotions, why our thoughts don't seem to help us move forward and why we struggle so much to be nice to ourselves is a MASSIVE key to building a life that actually works for us.

Learning where we don't need fixing, healing or changing, but rather where we need SUPPORT, self awareness and tools to help us EXPRESS and GROW is even harder work.

Knowing how and when to actually implement the tools I share, and learning how to use these tools on a regular basis is hard.

Learning to understand our emotions and how to question our thoughts and perception is hard.

All the information you can find here IS the information - but figuring out exactly how to apply it - that's the difficult part.

Enter, The Aliyah Mystery School.

I've made a comprehensive video for you all about the school and you can check that out in the post below.

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This path isn't for everyone, but if it's for you, you may find it really supports you in ways that nothing else has!