Byron Katie, Course In Miracles, LOA – Childhood TRAUMA Responses?

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Here’s an unpopular opinion:

The Work by Byron Katie, A Course In Miracles, the Law Of Attraction teachings and ALL other teachings that tell you that reality exists between your ears - are not spiritual.

They are a childlike response to a world that causes pain and feels out of control.

They are an attempt to make EVERYTHING one’s personal responsibility/fault - so that we can protect ourselves from all future pain.

It’s the idea that if we just think the right thoughts, get our beliefs aligned enough, ‘act’ in the right ways - the universe/god/reality will reward us with ONLY pleasant experiences.

These teachings are an attempt to get rid of all suffering - which is totally innocent. They are an attempt at controlling the external world via the avenue of pseudo self control, thinking that this will offer unlimited protection from pain.

It is spiritual codependency. Spiritualized childhood psychology of how the world works.

Today I’m going to share why these teachings are based in a false premise, why the premise is SO attractive to so many, why they seem to ‘make sense’ and why we want them to make sense so badly, what we can start to embrace instead that will bring actual peace.

Your peace isn’t going to come from control. You don’t have that and won’t ever have that. It comes from what you know you are capable of in terms of facing the chaos of this world.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

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